5 Great Tablet Accessories to make the most of your Gadget

Essentially new to the world and introduced just a couple of years ago, smart tablets have quickly become some of the most used and influential gadgets on the market. With the iPad leading the way, there are now several companies releasing new tablets seemingly all the time, and to a large extent they have changed the ways in which people communicate, conduct business, and entertain themselves. And naturally, as tends to be the case with technology, the popularity and utility of these tablets has led to a huge market for tablet accessories. From the practical to the amusing, there is not a huge range of accessories for various tablets available from a wide range of stores.

Here are five particularly interesting tablet accessories to consider.

1. Tablet Cases

Choosing a specific case to highlight would be to disregard a number of the options and tablets available. However, overall, there is no doubt that the various cases for tablets tend to be the most popular accessories. Some are merely protective, some are stylish, and some come with tools such as built-in stands or even keyboards. The case you choose simply depends on your preferences and your tablet.

2. eGlove Xtreme Gloves

One of the most common problems for tablet users in cold climates is that tablets cannot be operated with ordinary gloves. The touch screen simply doesn’t respond to most fabrics. However, the eGlove Xtreme Gloves from MySmartBuy are specifically designed to keep your hands warm while providing material on the fingertips that can operate your touch screen tablet. This makes them an extremely useful and necessary product for tablet users in cold areas.

3. Hyperjuice Micro

Built specifically for iPads, the Hyperjuice Micro is a great solution for the common problem of running out of battery. While newer tablets tend to have fairly impressive battery life, those who use them while travelling or working long hours still run into problems quite frequently. Small and easy to pack, the Hyperjuice Micro can give users up to five hours of backup battery power.

4. InvisibleSHIELD

Designed by ZAGG, the InvisibleSHIELD is essentially a tiny protective layer that can be placed over your tablet screen to protect it without hiding its sleek appearance. The best accessory of its kind, the InvisibleSHIELD can be designed to fit many of the most popular tablets on the market.

5. Nextbase Click&Go Car Mount

This in-car iPod mount provides a fun option as an alternative to purchasing a vehicle with built-in entertainment screens. The mount fastens on the headrests of the front seats, allowing a tablet to be displayed on the backs of those seats. This of course allows the kids in the back seat to watch video content or play games, providing a very simple and enjoyable car entertainment system.

This is a guest post by Todd Miller. Todd is a freelance writer and blogger who writes on a range of technology-related topics.

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