About Us

Here at Ultrabook News we have a simple mission to bring knowledge and up to date information to UK consumers surrounding what we think will be the next big game changer in the PC industry; the Ultrabook.

Ultrabook-News.co.uk is a dedicated independent (note, not tied to any brand!) news source covering all Ultrabooks from major brands as well as rumours and the latest news surrounding the Ultrabook industry on the whole.

At Ultrabook News believe that all information should be written in a clear and concise way that anybody can understand.

We understand that the internet is littered full of websites that seemingly speak in tongues and jargon, however we at Ultrabook News quite literally ditch that sort of crap in order to deliver you guys (and gals!) excellent content which not only you can understand, but also somebody from a younger age group surfing online for ‘cool stuff’ can understand. Don’t worry, though, because we tailor our writing to each individual subject area.

We believe that all journalism and reporting should be up to date, and sourced.

At Ultrabook News we only deliver up to date industry news which we genuinely believe is of interest to our readers.

Also, and this goes without saying, however writing any article or covering any news off somebody else’s back without patting it along the way is unethical and wrong. Here, we always link back to websites* where we get coverage or ideas from, and as such are proud to say on paper that we source our content ethically and go about our business in a professional and courteous manner.

We believe that in order for a blog to stand out, it needs to be 100% professional.

We can’t count the amount of poor quality plagiarizing websites out there who seem to rank so well in Google. It saddens us to see this, because a lot of thought and effort goes in to original writing, research and coverage, however one thing that can be said for other websites like the above is this; those websites only spur us at Ultrabook-News.co.uk to work even harder and deliver even better content day in day out, so in a way all blog’s no matter what their quality play a role within the blogosphere and blogging ecosystem.

A brief history

Jakk Ogden founded Ultrabook News in 2012 after launching many successful technology orientated blogs. A keen Ultrabook enthusiast, he lives in the UK and is the main writer and contributor for the blog.

Currently there are 4 main authors / writers for this website, and all details are available here.

*If you have found an image or story published to our website which you feel has not been given correct linking and / or copyright acknowledgement, please contact us so that we can look in to it as soon as possible.








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