At Ultrabook News we have real authors who write content for us day in, day out. Some write more often than others, however all authors are equal. Currently there are three main contributors of content and coverage for Ultrabook News, and on this page, you can find the necessary information to contact them and find out a little bit more surrounding their experience.

Jakk Ogden, Senior Editor 

Author Jakk

I’m 22 years old with a love for blogging, Ultrabooks and consumer tech! I am the owner of this fantastic Ultrabook news blog and aim to keep you avid UK consumers up to date with all of the very latest and greatest ultra-portable news.

I have been a professional blogger (self employed) for almost 1 year however prior to this have owned and run over 5 different blogs from the age of 15 on consumer technology. You can rely on me for up to date, expertly sourced content which means business.

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Get in touch with Jakk:

Twitter: @technoholicjakk Skype: Jakkatice E-mail: hello(at) Google+ profile.


Alec James, News Author

author alec

At the age of 20, it is fair to say I love gadgets, especially ones which add new features to products which aim to help consumers with their productivity. That’s why I love Ultrabooks, they are simply fantastic with the very latest technology powering them.

I study Media and Journalism at one of the top universities in the UK. When I’m not writing super content for my own niche music blog, I am reading up on and writing about the very latest consumer technology.

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Get in touch with Alec:

Twitter: @MiscMusicReview E-mail: hello(at)


Tim Burtle, Accessories Writer

author tim

My first ever laptop was an old Compaq business machine passed down from my Dad to myself. Whilst great at the time, I believe that over the next 5 years the technology industry is going to be surprised at the rise of the Ultrabook.

I am a professional search engine optimization boffin’ by trade, however have been involved with a number of Jakk-owned websites over the years. I aim to be a regular contributor to Ultrabook News, keeping all of you guys up to date.

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Twitter: @rhimprovement E-mail: hello(at)

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