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As an extremely high quality and resourceful Ultrabook blog we at take a quality conscious approach to monetizing our website in order to keep it looking great and relevant to consumers within the UK specifically.

Unlike hundreds of other computer, laptop and PC related blog’s you will only find 100% original content on Ultrabook-News with the only external links pointing to other websites being credible sources. We have ascertained a solid backlink profile pointing to our website since it was set up in August 2012 of which has contributed to our excellent search engine rankings and extremely targeted traffic.

How our advertising can benefit you

If you are a retailer who stocks Ultrabooks, an accessory provider whom sells laptop cases or a software vendor supplying products to the PC market, there is little better website than to advertise on. Dealing specifically in the news and coverage of Ultrabooks only, our topic is in no way diluted and we have stuck to what we cover best from day one which has enabled us to grow in to a trusted source for Ultrabook information.

-          Extremely well targeted niche, discussing only Ultrabooks and the industry

-          Extremely well targeted traffic, with over 90% coming from the UK

-          A fantastic UK social media presence, with 3000+ Twitter followers and xxx+ Facebook fans

Sponsored posts

As part of our advertisements we run sponsored posts or paid posts as they are more commonly referred to. We do not accept free guest posts on Ultrabook News due to sponsored posts only being able to be written by an established Ultrabook-News author for quality reasons.

To find out more about sponsored posts and to inquire about pricing, please e-mail us using the address below.

As part of the price, we market each sponsored post on our social media channels which include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Please note we will only accept sponsored post requests where the outbound link to your website / client is of a sufficient quality. We will not link out to any form of website which is not directly in commerce, the technology industry or other blogs.

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