All 2013 Ultrabooks to get a Touch Screen?

windows 8 ultrabook touch screen

All +£500 next-generation Ultrabooks and laptops running Windows 8 out of the box should pack a touch screen. If they don’t, we’d recommend crossing them off any potential purchase list.

With Windows 8 all set for an October 2012 consumer release date, many non-touch screen enabled laptops and Ultrabooks aren’t going to be using the latest version of Microsoft’s software to its full potential when they finally get it.  This is because Windows 8 Style-UI (formerly Metro UI, now remaned for legal reasons) is a touch screen based interface designed to create a bridge between laptops and tablets, of which are currently cannibalizing the PC market worldwide.

So whilst current non-touch Ultrabooks are light-weight, portable and powerful, they are not future proof past October 2012, which leads us on to presume something; we reckon’ all 2013 Ultrabooks, regardless of price +£500, will feature a touch screen as part of their feature sets.


Our reasoning behind this is quite simple; with Windows 8 on the market featuring touch screen specific controls as part of its interface, releasing next generation non-touch Ultrabooks loaded with W8 would be like releasing an Android smartphone with no touch-screen and just hardwaare buttons. Imagine for example how terrible that would be, with the smartphone being rendered practically useless in some senses.

You see the world is moving away from touch-type hardware sensitive controls and in to finger input, as it is seemingly more intuitive than the latter.

All in all and if any next generation 2013 Ultrabook which costs +£500 comes shipping without a touch screen, we recommend you write it off your list of potential purchases purely on the basis of Windows 8 being highly optimized for touch control.

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5 Responses to All 2013 Ultrabooks to get a Touch Screen?

  1. Dominick says:

    I think this post is backed up by the IFA coverage to be honest. a Non-touch ultrabook would be pretty pointless with Windows 8, and even if people do not like the thought of a fingerprint ridden laptop at first, they will adapt.

  2. tomi says:

    i still prefere the good old mouse

  3. Karren says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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