Asus Announces Zenbook U500 Ultrabook, a 15″ Dedicated Graphics Beast

ASUS Zenbook U500

Asus have taken the wrappers off their very latest addition to the Zenbook line in the name of the U500, which will be one of Asus’s most powerful Ultrabook offerings of 2012.

At the IFA in Berlin, numerous hardware manufacturers have been unveiling brand new consumer electronics for the world to see, and at the Asus stand there are a number of excellent new additions to their product ranges. One such product which has taken my eye includes a 15-inch version of the massively popular Zenbook Prime.

The U500 to look at is near identical to the Asus UX31A-R4003V which we wrote about not very long ago, however upon closer examination the differences between them become rather clear. For starters the Zenbook U500 will feature a 15″ display as opposed to a 13.3″ one, and unlike the prior Zenbook offerings on the market this latest machine will have the option of dedicated graphics, so is a prime candidate to being included in our list of the best Ultrabooks with dedicated graphics (link to our article). What’s more the Zenbook U500 features a numerical pad, making it good for business use and especially technology savvy accountants (there is such a thing, right?).

At its thickest point the Zenbook U500 will measure just 19.7mm whilst the display will rock IPS technology so viewing angles should be spectacular. Windows 8 will be running the show on this machine out of the box, leading us to predict that it will go on sale in October or September.

Keeping in line with the whole Zenbook range, the U500 is wedge shaped and built from aluminium.

Getting back to those dedicated graphics and the U500Z (the Z completes the full product name) will feature an Nvidia GT650M graphics card which features 1GB of dedicated memory, whilst powering the machine will be a power house Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 processor with turbo boost technology, enabling the machine to perform all tasks no matter what they be rather seamlessly.

Storage wise the Zenbook U500 can be bought at SSD capacities up to 512GB (expect that model to be VERY expensive) however for people on more of a budget, there will be a 128GB solid-state drive / 500GB hard drive hybrid option. The hybrid specification will probably be the best seller, in my opinion.

Overall then there is a lot to like about the upcoming and newly announced Asus Zenbook U500. If you are in the market for a Windows 8 machine which is ultra-slim, extremely powerful and great looking whilst offering up a large display, this could be your next Ultrabook purchase.

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