Asus Release AMD Trinity Powered 13.3-inch Vivobook, Aimed at Media Enthusiasts

Asus U38N Vivobook

If you ask me Asus make some of the very best laptops on the market right now. They may not be the biggest PC manufacturer by any stretch of the imagination, however it is hard not to be impressed at their mobile efforts: in the world of Ultrabooks they have the Zenbook, as an affordable super stylish ultra-portable they have the Vivobook line and within the tablet market they have the EEE Pad Transformer which runs Android and packs a keyboard dock allowing you to get serious work done.

The Vivobook line is what interests me most however. As I have covered before, these laptops are not quite slim enough to be called Ultrabooks yet regardless they are fantastic looking machines sporting fantastic build quality for the prices asked of them. Seeming as the line is not tied to Ultrabooks or Intel, then, Asus are going to be releasing an AMD Trinity version to its Vivobook line and it has now passed through the FCC, a United States government body. Unlike prior Vivobooks, however, this one is a bit more expensive.

The 13.3-inch Asus U38N runs Windows 8 on a Trinity APU A8-4555M processor

This latest Vivobook is aimed at media enthusiasts rather than casual laptop users, of which the Intel powered options appeal, and where the AMD version differs is this: it features a full HD display at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (presumably the exact same panel as found in the Zenbook line) and it also feature hybrid storage, with a 128GB SSD paired alongside a 500GB HDD.

Bluetooth 4.0 and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower sound technology are also key features of this laptop, adding to the media desirability, and it runs Windows 8 Pro out of the box.

Like all Vivobook laptops, this model sports a touch screen, enabling users to make full use of Windows 8′s tile based interface and interact with their laptop in a whole new way (I say new, it is to folk’ who have never interacted with a touch screen laptop before). If Windows 8 isn’t your thing, I see no reason why any Linux Distro wouldn’t run comfortably on the quad-core Trinity APU A8-4555M processor which is paired with 4 GB of RAM.

This latest Vivobook weighs in at 1.55 kg (3.41 lb), which whilst hefty compared to Ultrabooks, is perfectly acceptable given the market Asus is aiming this machine at.

Price wise you are looking at around £749.99 in the UK, €900 across Europe and for those over the other side of the pond in the US $1,150.

You find out more about this laptop in our source below.

Source: Asus (official site, non affiliate)

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