Best Student Ultrabook, 4 Affordable Ultrabooks for Students

Best student ultrabook

Here we take a look at some of the best Ultrabooks for students. If you are looking for the best student Ultrabook, you may find some which fit your criteria right here.

If you are a student whether you go to high school college or university, you will know that computers are essential to the way in which work is carried out. Chances are, 95% of your work load is carried out on a computer, minus the rather dull lectures in-between partying, socializing with friends and preparing to graft over a dissertation.

The benefits of computing for the educational system have become evident over the past 5 years and as a student having a computer of your own is pretty much essential when you consider the amount of commuting you may do within any given year.

Enter Ultrabooks then which are your document creating, internet-surfing best friends. Far more powerful than any mere netbook and far more portable than any bog standard laptop, Ultrabooks offer users incredibly quick boot up times with thanks to sporting solid state drives (SSD) and some of them even tick the box which any student would promote to the top of a list; affordability.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to 4 different Ultrabooks which I feel are perfect for any student within the UK due to both their price point and features. If you have been shopping around and trying to find the very best Ultrabooks for high school, college or university, you may have just found them right here. Enjoy!

TOSHIBA Satellite U-840111 14″ Ultrabook – £599.99 online

Toshiba U840 student Ultrabook

The Toshiba Satellite is one of the cheapest new Ultrabooks on the market. Sporting a 14-inch display and second generation Intel Core i3 processor alongside 4GB of RAM, this Ultrabook is more than capable of handling everyday computing tasks, even though it may be the only option here with a Core i3.

Read our review of this Ultrabook.

Samsung Series 5 NP530U3C 13.3″ Ultrabook – Around £650 online

Samsung series 5 student Ultrabook

We are big fans of the Samsung Series 5 here at Ultrabook News, liking it for its solid and robust build / design and ample performance for the prices asked of it. £650 gets you a NP530U3C model machine which boots in 16.5 seconds and resumes work in 2 seconds from standby thanks to smart instant-on Intel technology.

Read our review of this Ultrabook.

HP Folio 13 13.3″ Ultrabook – Around £699.99 online

Folio 13 student

Much like the Series 5 above we love the Folio 13 at Ultrabook News due to the books’ solid and robust design. Although aimed at business users, this Ultrabook is fantastic with a great backlit keyboard and a 128GB SSD as standard unlike others which boast hybrid storage. A Core 1.6GHz i5 processor comes as standard.

Read our overview of this Ultrabook.

HP Envy 6-1010sa 15.6″ Ultrabook

For those who can simply not be without a large 15-inch display, the HP Envy is the cheapest 15-incher on the market currently rolling in at a cool £599.99. The Ultrabook looks great too, with a very slim profile and aluminium build quality. A Core 1.7GHz i5 processor powers the machine.

Go the the official HP site.

All of the above Ultrabooks were up for grabs and for sale online at the time of publishing this post. Although the HP Folio 13 has been out for a while, it is a solid Ultrabook with great reviews online and a really well laid out backlit keyboard. The Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook above is the most powerful option though, and also the newest due to being an Ivy Bridge refresh, so this would be our choice out of the four above. The Toshiba option is good though, if a little lacking in power compared to the other two.

Where to buy these Ultrabooks

For the HP Folio 13 John Lewis are currently the cheapest online at £699.99. For the Toshiba Satellite, Curry’s are currently the cheapest at £599.99 and for the Samsung Series 5 Curry’s are cheapest again.

Of course, there may be second hand ones on eBay however, where you could pick up quite the bargain. If brand new fresh from the packing is what you are after though then the above stores are a good bet.


I will update this post whenever a new Ultrabook comes out or goes on sale which is affordable and offers decent features. If you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know below.

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