Best Ultrabook Skins to Make your Ultra-portable Look Unique

ultrabook skins

Bored of your Ultrabooks design? With Ultrabook skins, you can create a unique Ultrabook which will stand out from the crowd.

There are a range of fantastic looking well designed Ultrabooks on the market which exude class and fit in practically anywhere. Brushed aluminium, carbon fibre, sleak lines all add up to make a great looking ultra-portable, however for some people their Ultrabook may not be the best looking. The Acer TimelineUltra series, for example, does not feature the same high quality materials nor did they go through as much thought during design stages as the Lenovo Carbon X1, or Dell XPS 13.

If you own an Ultrabook which isn’t all that great to look at then what should you do, sit idly by whilst others lap it up with classy looking machines which make yours look tired?

Product skins have been around for as long as portable electronics have, however when Apple released their iPhone and re-invented the smartphone way back in 2007, there was a massive boom in skin creation companies offering products to personalize your computing and portable electronics experience.

What is an Ultrabook skin?

Skins are essentially one big, high resolution high quality sticker laser cut to fit to specific models of device down to the millimetre. They need no extra adhesive, no liquid to stick them down, they just work straight out of the packet they come in. Now whilst a smartphone skin is small, laptop skins aren’t; you can choose to have a skin which covers the back of your screen lid, or you can choose to have a skin which covers the whole trackpad and armrest area of your Ultrabook.

The benefits to an Ultrabook skin are clear; they allow consumers to personalize their laptop to any design they like, and they also protect your machine from scratches, dents and stains in the process, keeping your expensive purchase in as good as new condition for the duration you leave the skin on.

There are skins available for pretty much any laptop. Whether you are looking for Dell Ultrabook skins, HP Ultrabook skins, Asus Ultrabook skins or any other manufacturer skin, rest assured with the websites listed below you’ll find the perfect skin for you.

Skinflips Ultrabook Skins – website.

skin for ultrabook

Skinflips is our favourite company to go to for smartphone and laptop skins, due to our past experience with the quality of their products being excellent. Skinflips’ skins are of an extremely high quality and durable finish, available in a range of great designs.

Affordable and completely unique, you can customise a Skinflip to your exact laptop or Ultrabooks dimensions enabling you to get the perfect fit. To get these, simply hit up the dimensions of your machine listed on your manufacturer website.

Wrappz Ultrabook Skins – website.

Ultrabooks skin

Wrappz are one of the leading skin creators in the UK, and whilst they do not list the types of Ultrabook they support, they do allow users of the website to create their own custom sized skin enabling you to essentially make your own millimetre perfect design.

To create your own skin, you will be asked to select your machines width and height (easily found on your Ultrabooks manufacturer website) and then all you need to do is select your design. Simples!

iStyles Ultrabook Skins – website.

ultrabooks skins

A very quick search online reveals that the company at the top of most search results for “Ultrabook skins” is iStyles. This particular company offers skins for the Samsung Series 5 13.3″, Samsung Series 5 14″ and also a wealth of skins for Chromebooks.

Whilst iStyles do not have a very diverse range of Ultrabooks they support at the time of this article, the designs on display look pretty neat and what’s more they aren’t very expensive either. We are confident in due time their listed range of supported devices will increase.

Lapjacks – website.

lapjacks ultrabook skins

Lapjacks have been in the skin business for a long time and have made a name for themselves as one of the highest quality skin manufacturers in the UK. Lapjack’s allow you to pick from a range of pre-cut designs for a vast range of laptops, or you can create your own custom size so that it fits your Ultrabook perfectly much like the options above.

Enjoy browsing through a wide range of designs from photography, business, nature, abstract and sports. Lapjack’s also let users create their own design, or upload their own image for the perfect gift!

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