Catch up: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Release Date October

Series 5 Ultra Touch

In case you missed our original coverage of the Series 5 Ultra Touch which focused on features and specifications, here is a brief catch up of that very ultra-portable in terms of release.

Remember the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch we covered not long back? Well Samsung announced an official release date for the highly anticipated ultra-portable back then, set for October 26th worldwide, which is the same date that Microsoft will officially launch and release Windows 8 to the world.

As well as the Series 5 Ultra Touch, it is also expected that many other touchscreen Ultrabooks which were announced at this years’ IFA event in Berlin will be released at or around the same time, which will result in a whole lotta’ competition in time for the festive season.

The Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch is Samsung’s update to its pre-existing ultra-portable the Series 5. Sporting a very similar design to its predecessor including an excellent and robust aluminium build, the Ultra Touch will be available in two forms; the base / cheapest model will ship with an Intel Core i3 processor and the higher priced model a Core i5 processor. Both machines share other internals however, including 4GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive with 24 GB of ExpressCache for super fast boot and wake up times.

The 13.3-inch touchscreen display on the Series 5 Ultra Touch should be pretty good too offering up vibrant colours as per its predecessor, however it is lacking in the resolution department; 1,366 x 768 makes an appearance here, whilst I would have liked to see a 1600 x 900 upgrade for late 2012.

As well as an October release date Samsung have also revealed US pricing for their latest touchscreen Ultrabook. The i3 model will cost $799 whilst the i5 model $899. At that price point, Samsung has its sights firmly set on the low – mid-range segment for this Ultrabook, and in the UK you can expect it to retail at around £599.99 and £699.99 through multiple stores.

Overall it would have been nice to see Samsung release a 768 and 900 screen resolution optional configuration for this new laptop, however for the average consumer, that only significant downside versus the competition should not keep you up at night all that much.

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My first ever laptop was an old Compaq business machine passed down from my Dad to myself. Whilst great at the time, I believe that over the next 5 years the technology industry is going to be surprised at the rise of the Ultrabook. .
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3 Responses to Catch up: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Release Date October

  1. Andrei says:

    Thanks man I actually missed this, good to know Samsung is releasing a new budget Ultra as I have been waiting out for an affordable touch screen option.

  2. Philip says:

    I think Samsung are on the right track here, their ATIV will please hybrid fans and this will please those who want a normal laptop with touch.

  3. Tim says:

    Plus this Ultra has a matte screen, +1

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