Coolest Computer Mice Currently on the Market


In this day and age, most of us use our computers daily, either for our career or for our own pleasure. There are many gadgets available for our desktop computers laptops, but computer mice are some of the most important and useful appliances you can buy. Although sometimes taken for granted, a computer mouse is significant enough to make or break your computer experience. Below is an overview of some of the unique, most attractive, and otherwise coolest computer mice available on the market for consumers today.

The Nexus SM-7000B Silent Mouse

The clicking sound a mouse makes is not always annoying for everyone, but it might be for you. If you find yourself gaming on your computer, or otherwise having to click with your mouse often, you might want to consider buying the Nexus Sm-7000B Silent Mouse. This is especially useful if you use your computer in the same room as someone who is sleeping, or if you often play games in a library. The Silent Mouse is also fantastic in office settings, where it can keep the volume down — much to the delight of your co-workers!

The Eclipse Touch Mouse

With its sleek aluminum finish, the Eclipse Touch Mouse has one of the most innovative appearances among computer mice on the market. It offers a unique touch scroll that allows for easy four way scrolling. It also has options built in that allow you to easily open a browser, refresh a page, and navigate backwards and forwards. This mouse is wireless and its Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to a computer up to thirty feet away. It has a battery indicator with a power off switch and a 1600dpi laser.

The Belkin Washable Mouse

Sometimes, merely wiping a mouse down with an antibacterial wipe is not enough for germ conscious computer users. The Belkin Washable Mouse has a water resistant exterior that allows you to hold it under running water and wash it with soap. Not only does this prevent bacteria from accumulating, but it also won’t be damaged if you spill something.

The Microsoft Arc Touch

This Microsoft Arc Touch has many unique features that make it fantastic for the avid computer user. For one thing, it is flexible and bendable. This allows you to curve it to match your comfort and preferences, then flatten it again so that you may take it with you on the go. For another thing, it has a touch pad that allows for completely comfortable and silent scrolling and clicking. Its BlueTrack technology also allows it to work on surfaces with odd textures.

The Sony Phone Mouse

The Sony Phone Mouse not only controls your cursor, but it can also be used as a phone as well! You can be working or playing a game on your computer, and this interesting and innovative device will allow you to effortlessly switch to talking on the phone, with just the push of a button.

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