Dell Ubuntu Powered Ultrabook Coming this Autumn

xps 13 ubuntu ultrabook

Dell’s top end XPS Ultrabook running Ubuntu is coming.

Looking for an Ultrabook packing Ubuntu from the box? Well right now, at this moment in time, you are out of luck. Dell however has you covered with their Ubuntu-based XPS 13 laptop which has been confirmed as coming this Autumn, and it will indeed run Ubuntu out of the box pleasing developers along the way.

“Since we announced Project Sputnik a little over two months ago, we have continued to be amazed by the amount and quality of interest and input we have received,” Barton George, leader of project Sputnik said.

Dell announded their Ubuntu packing Ultrabook way back in May and recieved an overwhelming response to it. With that said, Acer has confirmed that this product is indeed going from project to product, however there is something which nags us surrounding it; what’s the point, really?

Ubuntu as an operating system can be dual-booted alongside Windows 7 and Windows 8 on any modern laptop / Ultrabook, so whilst there is no Ubuntu running machine on the market right now, there are machines out which will fulfil your needs and machines out there which are fully capable of running any Linux distro.

With that said, we actually do welcome this new Ultrabook to the market, because after all more choice for consumers is always better in our book.

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3 Responses to Dell Ubuntu Powered Ultrabook Coming this Autumn

  1. james says:

    I for one am looking looking forward at a Linux based Ultrabook. I wish it was not Dell making it though, hate the build quality of their machines.

  2. Scrouge says:

    The point is so that the price of windows isn’t bundled in with the laptop. I don’t want to be paying $100 for windows when I only really want the hardware.

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