FixYa Ultrabook Report: Top Consumer Gripes on Ultrabooks Revealed

Macbook Air vs Ultrabook

FixYa have released their Ultrabook report for 2012, detailing the most complained about aspects of Ultrabooks from consumers.

Have you ever wondered what fellow owners of your Ultrabook think about their machines overall, with perhaps them even sharing the same gripes as you do? Well FixYa have released their first ‘Ultrabook report’ for September 2012, detailing the most common issues owners of machines have.

Within the list the company have included the Asus Zenbook Prime, Apple Macbook Air, Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1, Dell XPS 14Z, Acer TimelineUltra M5, Vizio Thin + Light and Lenovo IdeaPad. Of those machines, here is a brief break down of the first 5 machines within the report:

ASUS Zenbook Prime

The FixYa report notes that the main issue users have overall with the machine is the touchpad. For those not in the know, the first generation of Zenbook machines were plagued with sometimes incredibly frustrating and unintuitive trackpads, however Asus went back to the drawing board with their latest generation. The report notes that they are unsure whether or not this main issue surrounds the latest generation of Zenbook machines, however if we had to guess, we would say it doesn’t.

Apple Macbook Air

Apple’s Macbook Air may have led the way to what Ultrabooks are today, however as FixYa have revealed, the computer is not without its problems. Namely issues users have with the machine include that it has low memory and equally users do not like thermal shut down. Lesser mentioned issues include a difficulty to repair the machine and lacklustre speaker quality overall.

Lenovo Carbon X1

The Lenovo Carbon X1 is a solid and well made machine ideal for business users. Whilst marketing at business users is proving successful for the product thus far, those very users have noted that the battery life of the machine is not that great as detailed by FixYa. Second in the gripes list for the X1 is the trackpad, whilst strangely the next gripe on the list is poor multitasking.

Dell XPS 14Z

The Dell XPS 14Z is a rare machine to see out in public with better alternatives out there for in general less money. Top gripes for this machine include the wireless card, poor screen quality (it is a 768 display, with not so good viewing angles) and the heat from the machine. The last listed gripe in the report notes the lack of support from Dell themselves, although that is not entirely retrospective of the machine.

Acer TimelineUltra M5

The Acer TimelineUltra M5 is a business orientated machine built for professionals, with an uninspiring however well made chassis. Within the FixYa report, users have noted that overall the biggest gripe they have is with the display quality of the machine, whilst second to that is the loudness of the fan whilst cooling. Next on the list is heat, whilst further down in the gripes department is an insufficient SSD.

From reading the FixYa report in full, the main gripes across the board for Ultrabooks are screen quality and battery life. Reasoning behind the screen quality gripes is simple; on those machines, manufacturers have seen fit to include a 768 x 1366 display which whilst the most common display resolution in the world, sat next to any upper Ultrabook with a higher resolution screen, it is easy to feel inferior and spot a lower priced specification machine.

Battery life however is a different kettle of fish altogether but with Intel Haswell processors, more power efficient DRAM and more power efficient Sharp displays possibly on the way, next generation machines should be able to iron out this problem for good. To read the full FixYa report, hit it up below.

Source: FixYa (Ultrabook report)

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  1. I’ve just got an Air and I have to say the speakers are dreadful other than that though it really is an incredible laptop ultrabook over a tablet anyday!
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