Free Windows 8 Upgrade Coming to Acer Ultrabook Customers

acer ultrabook aspire s5

Acer will provide a refund for customers who own an Ultrabook and purchase a Windows 8 upgrade upon official release.

Have you gone and bought yourself a brand new Acer Ultrabook? Well good news! You will be entitled to a free Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade upon its official release, which is a great move on Acer’s part aiming to both future proof its hardware and also please consumers. The update, which will hit Ultrabook’s branded with the Acer logo, will come in the form of a refund (details, below).

Now, key details of this news include that the Windows 8 Ultrabook deal is available to those buying the Acer Aspire M3, M5, S3, or S5 between the 2nd of June of this year and the 31st of January 2013. Microsoft is offering a £14.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade to anyone who purchases a Windows 7 PC in the same timeframe, and Acer has said that it will refund the price of that upgrade to Ultrabook buyers.

Acer’s Ultrabooks have been excellent additions to the Ultrabook market in recent months,  with the Aspire S5 being the thinnest laptop and Ultrabook in the world (to date), receiving popular expert reviews across the board in general.

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