Gigabyte X11 Ultrabook is the Lightest 11.6″ Ultrabook in the World

Gigabyte Lightest Ultrabook

How does a hand made 975g carbon fibre Ultrabook running a 3rd generation Intel Core processor sound? Well thanks to Gigabyte, you can indeed get one.

If when shopping for an Ultrabook portability beats out any other feature on your list, you have been spoilt for choice in 2012. Now we could list a wealth of extremely thin and light Ultrabooks for names sake, however we really don’t want to take anything away from an Ultrabook which we are about to introduce to you.

Named the Gigabyte X11, this particular Ultrabook is the lightest 11.6″ ultra-portable in the world weighing in at a rather staggering 975g out of the box. Just to put that in to context, this Ultrabook weighs only 323g more than the new iPad, and a whole 105g less than Apple’s 11-inch Macbook Air. Essentially, this is an incredibly light Ultrabook perfect for anybody who travels a lot.

This Ultrabook is light, and we mean light

In order to make the Ultrabook so light, the whole device is finished in carbon fibre, which is just as strong as aluminium however much lighter.

Every X11 carbon fiber laptop is also fully hand-made which makes it extremely valuable for collection and practical use, according to Gigabyte themselves.

X11 Ultrabook

Now whilst the weight of this device is staggering, the specifications it carries underneath also sound promising. Up top that 11.6″ display has a resolution of 1366×768 which is plenty of pixels for the screen size, and out of the box this Ultrabook rocks a 128GB Solid State Drive enabling it to boot up in seconds.

Running the show you can choose from two 3rd Generation Intel Core processors in the name of the fantastic i7-3517U Processor and 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3317U Processor, both of which are tried and tested CPU’s offering up Intel HD 4000 Graphics. Running alongside either processor is 4GB of RAM.

The keyboard on the X11 looks sweet too, and is a 95% full size island keyboard which is said to have gone through a pretty rigorous design stage to get perfect first time. It’s backlit, too, a feature which should be pretty much standard in all Ultrabooks no matter what their price or market positioning.

So overall there is plenty to like about the X11 Ultrabook and Gigabyte says its X11 will be available in September from a host of UK retailers (who those retailers are remains to be seen). The price could prove a sticking point, with the lesser specifications starting at £1,000 inc VAT though. Core i7 configuration prices have not yet been disclosed.

To find out more about this Ultrabook, hit up the official product page below.

Via: Gigabyte (product page). Image credit.

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  1. Tech Games says:

    I’m for 13 inch laptops, but 11 inch? That’s just a glorified net book!

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