HCL Release their First Ultrabook, the Ultrasmart Me Series 3074

Ultrasmart Me Series 3074

HCL have released their first ever Ultrabook with it destined for the Indian market.

If you have never heard of HCL we do not blame you as we hadn’t either before the company saw fit to release an Ultrabook destined for the Indian market. Called the ‘HCL Ultrasmart Me Series 3074′, this Ultrabook marks the first ultra-portable the company have ever made which meets Ultrabook requirements and as such it has garnered some considerable interest from the technology world online. At the launch of the Ultrabook, Vice President and Head Consumer Computing, HCL Infosystems Ltd., said:

“With the launch of our Ultrabook we are continuing our tradition of being a manufacturer of innovative computing devices and give our customers faster, more powerful and smarter machines. We are proud to usher in the next generation computing with the new range of HCL Ultrasmart series. Combined with elegant and sleek looks and design, these lightweight Ultrabooks are a testimony to HCL’s focus and commitment on developing best in class computing devices for our customers. A combination of powerful processing and great designing has resulted in a device geared for exceptional performance at work or entertainment. Offering a whole new level of computing the HCL Ultrasmart series is set to change the dimensions of user experience which is only going to improve as we launch more devices in the Ultrasmart Series.”

Destined for purely India currently, the Me Series 3074 isn’t a particularly innovative nor substantial Ultrabook by any means, and what’s more its cost is pretty high for what you actually get in the real world. Perhaps this is the reason as to why it is destined only for the Indian market, or maybe it isn’t, however either way it is a new Ultrabook and as such deserves to be mentioned on this very blog. So, what’s to tell?

Key features

The Ultrasmart Me will weight just 1.7kg whilst featuring a 14-inch WXGA LED backlit display with a 1366 x 768 HD resolution. There isn’t an option to upgrade to a 1600 x 900 display for more money unfortunately, according to our sources, something which I feel all Ultrabook manufacturers should offer.

The Ultrabook will be available in a “brilliant brush metal grey finish” and sport an advanced sound system and a built-in multi -gesture touch pad. Basically what that means is that it’ll feature two speakers and a touch pad like any other on the market today. You’ve got to love a bit of marketing spin, though, haven’t you?

There are two storage options to choose from

The Ultrasmart ME Series 3074 Ultrabook comes with a hybrid drive as standard, which features a 32GB SSD for caching tasks coupled with a 500GB 7200RPM HDD. An optional upgrade on the machine will give you pure SSD storage with a 128GB capacity.

It has Ivy Bridge at heart

The Ultrasmart Me features Ivy Bridge at its heart, which is to be expected at a time where Ivy Bridge processors are the norm and a requirement from Intel in Ultrabooks of this generation. In terms of exact processor, this machine will get an Intel 3rd Generation HM77 Chipset which features Intel HD 4000 graphics. Core i5 and i7 processors are expected to roll out upon shipment.

The Ultrasmart Me Ultrabook with basic configuration (hybrid storage) will cost the average Indian Rs 51,990 which converts to around £610 in the UK. The better specification model with pure SSD storage will roll in at around £650, at  Rs. 54,990.

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  1. Karren says:

    A good looking thing this!

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