HP announces Spectre XT Touchsmart and Envy Touchsmart Ultrabooks at IFA

Hp Spectre XT TouchSmart 15"

HP has just got done showcasing their latest round of wares over in Berlin’s IFA where they’ve done the honorable (and increasingly typical) thing of taking their existing line of top notch Ultrabooks (seriously, they’re great) and adding touch screen panels for easier navigation within Redmond’s latest OS.

HP’s top end Spectre XT Touchsmart features the same wonderful build quality that won so many hearts in the original, but steps up the screen size to a healthy 15″, not to mention bringing the resolution to the forefront of competition with a 1,920 x 1,080 panel. Keeping in line with the good name of Ultrabooks the world over, it measures in at 17.9mm thick (touch screened Ultrabooks are allowed to be slightly thicker), whilst packing in the latest generation of Ivy Bridge processors and will come with various configuration options, including the chance to swap out your speedy SSD for a ever so slightly lower rent hybrid HDD.

Of course, with those extra couple of inches HP has seen right to include a few more ports too, namely a pair of USB 3.0 socets, one USB 2.0, a 3.5mm headphone port and a memory card reader, not to mention a Thunderbolt port, effectively future-proofing the Ultrabook for a good time to come.

Elsewhere, on the Envy Touchsmart Ultrabook 4 (that’s the real name, honestly), things haven’t changed quite as much, with industrial design remaining much the same, though a little thicker and heavier at 23mm thick and 4.77 pounds thanks to that new touchscreen panel. Unfortunately, HP didn’t see the Envy as a high end enough product to bestow upon to it a higher resolution than the typical 1366 x 786 panel that’s in the current generation Envy Ultrabook.

Both devices will be missing the Windows 8 launch window (late October) and will arrive at some point in December this year, with the high end Spectre XT starting from $1,400, and as always we’ll update this as we get news of UK pricing.

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3 Responses to HP announces Spectre XT Touchsmart and Envy Touchsmart Ultrabooks at IFA

  1. Samuel Hurrera says:

    Hi Alec do you know whether the screen detaches like a tablet or not please?

  2. Samuel Hurrera says:

    Thanks man, I think this will be my next purchase! Very cool love the build of HP stuff.

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