HP has its Ultrabook Market Domination Dreams Shattered by UK Reseller

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Ultrabooks are an exciting market; for sure, nobody really knows how well they will perform in 2013 once Windows 8 is officially installed on a whole lot of devices and new features such as voice control, better hybrid hard drives and lower prices come in to effect. The Ultrabook market really is in development currently and after around 1 year of trading now under its belt, the Intel inspired brand isn’t quite as successful as many technology analysts thought it would be.

All around the internet you will be able to find articles surrounding why the Ultrabook will flop and how it will be next years ‘netbook’. I disagree entirely with any of these posts, and as such you’ll be not so surprised to learn that I raised my eyebrow at a blog post on Channelbiz surrounding Ultrabook resellers within the UK.

The blog post notes that HP wants by the end of 2013 15-20 per cent of its shipment volumes to be Ultrabooks, and that by 2014 HP wants almost 40% to be Ultrabooks. These shipment claims are very ambitious targets from HP, however with products like the Spectre XT, one can not blame the American-based company for getting excited in their quest for Ultrabook domination.

UK resellers think there will be a different outcome for HP, however, unless certain things are seen to. Moving back to that blog post over at said website, a UK retailer said that:

“Unless HP can prove that it’s Ultrabooks have a USP over [its rivals], then its domination plans will stay on the shelf, like many of its surplus stock.

“It’s hard to push one of these branded by HP because there’s been so much hype around Intel’s products. The other thing to remember is that tablets are taking a huge slice of the “portable” market, which are being pushed by trendier companies and offer higher spec features.”

Of course, Channelbiz has not noted the UK reseller who provided the above quotes, so it is hard to determine whether they were made by somebody who actually knows what they are talking about. It could be, for example, that yesterday was a slow news day.

Either way it is hard not to be impressed at HP’s latest Ultrabook offerings. The Spectre XT is a masterfully designed bit of kit and their earlier Ultrabook offerings, like the Folio 13, were great products which got HP off to a good-if-slow start within the Ultrabook market.

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