HP Unleash New Sleekbook Laptops, Affordable Ultrabook Alternatives

hp sleekbook 14

If you don’t already know, an Ultrabook is an ultra-thin and ultra-light laptop which packs an Intel processor. In fact, Intel inspired the genre, however as more and more of these laptops come to market analysts are asking this very question; what of AMD and their line of CPU’s?

Well ever since we covered HP’s Sleekbook line a couple of weeks back, the American company has been hard at work creating new Sleekbook models for consumers to choose from in order to shed some love for a company which has always been in the shadow of Intel. Aiming to bring thin and light laptops to all consumers that may not be able to afford a fully fledged Ultrabook, the company has released two new Pavilion Sleekbooks’ which will be hitting the US on October 26th, which is around the same time as when Microsoft will officially release Windows 8.

The new Pavilion Sleekbooks will come in two models; the Sleekbook 14 and Sleekbook 15. As the names amply suggest, the Sleekbook 14 has a 14-inch screen and will come with a starting price in the US of a nice sounding $499.99 whilst the Sleekbook 15, which has a bigger 15.6-inch screen, will come with a starting price of $559.99. Both of these new laptops will be available in “sparkling black” and “ruby red” colour options.

A key thing to note with these machines is that whilst the 14-incher does indeed rock AMD innards, the 15-inch version will feature Intel Ivy Bridge innards. A strange move, for sure, bearing in mind the 15-incher carries the Sleekbook brand and from what we can tell not the Ultrabook name.

To further expand on the above, the Sleekbook 14 will have Advanced Micro Devices A-series processors code-named Trinity, while the Sleekbook 15 will have Intel Core processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture.

HP have indeed confirmed to sources online that both the Pavilion 14 and 15 will be making their way over to the UK in due course, however the company is yet to reveal exact details about that. As always, we will keep you abreast of any new information.

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2 Responses to HP Unleash New Sleekbook Laptops, Affordable Ultrabook Alternatives

  1. Anoriginaltecher says:

    These look OKAY. Not keen on the toyish designs though. Would have been nice to see a silver option too.

  2. Looks cool. I really like to have one for my self.

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