Infographic: Personal Computing Prices 30 Year Timeline (Aus)

Although we at Utrabook News post news and updates on Ultra-portables specifically within the UK, when we come across a great infographic surrounding our friends down under, we can’t help but publish it. The latest infographic, of which the original infographic can be found at this blog post on, details personal computing prices over 30 years compared against other products.

Utilizing official CPI (Consumer Price Index) figures, the infographic notes that a business laptop currently on the market for 1000 GBP would have cost over $12.000 in 1982.

The technological developments that have created the CD, the Internet, the iPod, and the Kindle, have also caused the more efficient use of materials, mass production methods, and better performing parts that make computers ever faster and cheaper.

Overall it is an interesting infographic with some useful data for anybody perhaps researching the industry, needing Consumer Price Index comparatives. Without further ado then I have attached the infographic for you below. Enjoy!

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One Response to Infographic: Personal Computing Prices 30 Year Timeline (Aus)

  1. Matt says:

    Very interesting. It would be nice to see an infographic on UK tech, especially London vs the North prices.

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