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As a blogger covering Ultrabook news I can firmly put my hand on my heart and say that the Lenovo Carbon X1 has been the hottest anticipated Ultrabook of 2012. Marking Lenovo’s first every foray in to taking the Thinkpad brand in to the Ultrabook market, the Carbon X1 follows the likes of the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 and IdeaPad U410, two consumer focused Ultrabooks marked and priced for the mid-range segment.

Of course, the Carbon X1 is however far more expensive than either of Lenovo’s IdeaPad offerings and for a very good reason; this Ultrabook is aimed at business users, whom are more than willing to spend the extra money for a machine which is powerful enough to run heavy software and thin and light enough to be portable on the commute.

I have personally fiddled with and fondled the Carbon X1 and was lucky enough to witness it first hand a few days after its reveal, however as of yet, I have been unable to secure one for review, as I like to test products for at least 4 days before I cast any verdict. Much like my Vizio Thin + Light post, then, I have rounded up the best Lenovo Carbon X1 reviews from around the web.

In general the overall consensus is that the Carbon X1 is perhaps the most beautifully made laptop, not just Ultrabook, on the market today. Although almost completely black, the matte texture of the carbon fibre and the rigid high quality feel of the machine make for something truly special to hold in the hands and use within a business environment. The black chassis only serves to make this machine extremely professional looking, and in no way does the machine look boring at any time.

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One of the best features of the Lenovo Carbon X1 is its keyboard, which in full Lenovo style has proved to be excellent, with good travel and a rubbery / grippy texture to the keys, offering a seamless typing experience.

It’s powerful too, with the lowest specification model which retails at £1,019.99 in the UK rocking an Intel Core Processor i5-3317U (up to 2.6Ghz, 3MB L3) and 4GB of RAM. Across all Carbon X1 models a 14″ 1600 x 900 resolution LED backlit display comes as standard. Editing photos or viewing movies on the system is a real treat thanks to the display, and made better by the reasonably good built-in speakers which are loud enough to fill a small room, if not outputting the highest quality audio when turned up full.

Top Lenovo Carbon X1 Reviews

Wired gave the Lenovo Carbon X1 7/10 overall, and liked the build quality of the machine whilst rating the keyboard very highly. They loved the display too.

CNET gave the carbon X1 four out of five stars in its review, noting that the keyboard is fantastic and the display is excellent for media and programmes.

PC Mag gave the Carbon X1 four out of five ‘dots’, noting that the machine is blazingly fast and offers great battery life. They too loved the backlit keyboard.

Arstechnica really liked the Carbon X1, noting its performance as excellent and above the Macbook Air, whilst they loved the keyboard and the light chassis.

PC World gave the Carbon X1 a total score of four out of five stars, stating that the machine has a good keyboard and the inclusion of 3G support is wise.

Overall then everybody across the world of computing seems to agree that the Lenovo Carbon X1 is an excellent laptop. For an amazing keyboard, decent battery life, blistering performance and an excellent display, you can do far worse than the Carbon X1.

Quite literally, this could be the perfect business Ultrabook for you.

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