Lenovo see’s 30% Increase in Earnings, 15 percent Increase in ThinkPad Shipments

lenovo q1 earnings

Smashing the trend for global declining PC sales, Lenovo has racked up incredible earnings so far this year with one of its product lines standing out above all others.

Lenovo is the second largest PC manufacturer in the world behind HP (they are actually catching up, and fast) and the Chinese based electronics manufacturer has now published record earnings for the first quarter of 2012, with an overall increase of a whopping 30%.

Lenovo’s Net income scaled up to a whole $141.4 million during the three months ending June the 30th, up from $108.8 million the same time last year. In a statement, Lenovo noted that PC sales are not doing well at this time, however Lenovo is bucking that trend with excellent results:

“The PC market is not doing well globally, but Lenovo’s market share gains are offsetting that weakness,” Kirk Yang , Hong Kong-based head of Asia technology research at Barclays Plc, said in a telephone interview recently.

On top of record earnings, Lenovo have also noted another significant achievement; the company has had a 15% increase in ThinkPad shipments despite overall notebook shipments falling by 0.1% across the industry. Solid marketing, across all countries, has surely played a part in this.

According to data written by our source over at Bloomsberg (visit our source link below), revenue from China which is Lenovo’s biggest market rose a whole 24 percent to $3.52 billion in the quarter, making up 44 percent of its total in the figures noted above.

Lenovo’s latest addition to its ThinkPad line is the Carbon X1, an Ultrabook sporting a carbon fibre build and 3G connectivity. It boasts the ability to charge to 5 hours of usage from a 35 minute burst from a conventional wall socket.

Source: Bloomsberg

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