Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook is the Lightest 14″ book’ in the World

thinkpad carbon x1

When you shop for a laptop computer, what feature do you look for the most. Build quality? Power? Battery life? Portability?. If the answer to the question above is all of those things or a few of them, your perfect next laptop purchase could very well be the Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook which will become available very soon in 2012.

On the surface, the Ultrabook itself is quite unassuming, however get up close and it is clear from the outset that this particular machine is something a little bit special. Made from carbon fiber, the laptop is extremely lightweight (under 3 pounds) and is infact the lighest 14″ Ultrabook in the world, a feat which Lenovo is publicizing quite well in order to capture consumers’ attention and further cement its name in to the very latest ultra-portable market.

It isn’t all build quality, looks and feel which make this particular laptop awesome though, because unlike many of the very latest Ultrabooks on the market the Carbon X1 features a 3G Sim-Card tray so that you can get online any time, a feature which makes smartphones and 3G enabled tablets so perfect on the commute.

Other incredibly cool features of this laptop include Rapidcharge, which allows you to charge the Carbon X1 to 80% in just 35 minutes through a conventional power supply and wall socket, a fantastic feature which is sure to offer a bucket load of convenience to the power user. The battery life is also said to be good for 10 hours through regular usage (web surfing, e-mail etc.).

Moving on to the display, and the 14″ LED backlit panel will have a resolution of 1,600 x 900 which is perfectly acceptable for the price this laptop is going to retail at. There is also a 720p front facing camera towards the top of the bezel.

Release date

The Carbon X1 has been stated by Lenovo themselves as coming ‘this Summer’ (it is already Summer). An official UK release date is yet to be specified on this particular laptop.

Lenovo Carbon X1 Pricing

Moving on to price, and no official announcement has been made as of yet for what consumers will be asked.  You can safely bet however that taking in to account materials, display and the specifications this machine will likely yield, that a +£1000 GBP price tag well on the cards. If it was lower than this, there would be no need to buy any other laptop, ever.

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