Meet the newest Lenovo lineup of Ultrabooks straight from CES 2013

Lenovo Twist

The Lenovo Twist looks wonderful, and business like

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada gave us a hint of what direction our beloved gadgets are headed, Ultrabooks included of course. Intel’s booth, which showcased a wide range of Ultrabooks from different manufacturers, proved to consumers that the company is still as significant as before despite setbacks in the desktop and laptop industry due to the emergence of cheap and powerful smartphones.

Aside from introducing the lineup of Ultrabooks for 2013, Intel also unveiled their newest Atom processor line, a bold move in equipping devices not just with powerful processors but also energy-efficient ones. So here are some of the Ultrabooks featured at CES 2013:

Lenovo Twist – Official product page.

Lenovo Twist Ultrabook

Judging by the looks of it, this Ultrabook looks exactly like its granddaddy, the IBM Thinkpad, sans the bulk and the sharp corners. However, don’t let its old school vibe veer you away, as this device is a monster. When we tried to use it on the online casino website to benchmark some of these Ultrabooks, the game runs smoothly despite the processor-grazing size of the games; we might spend hours playing numrous apps or PartyCasino from this without even getting a reason for putting it down. For those who are big fans of games that do not need a keyboard and mouse, this is for you. You can use the keyboard as a grip so you don’t need those third-party stands out in the market. The touchscreen responds smoothly and quickly when we are betting our chips on a roulette game, or even adjusting bets while playing blackjack. Also, the high pixel density of the display gives us crisp and clear colors, which is necessary especially with casino games having vivid images and striking colours. Because of this laptop, we might just stick with it and play casino from here instead of visiting nearby casinos at the expo. Wouldn’t it be nice to bet on a roulette using Ultrabooks or play video or slots poker without those intimidating bulky machines?

The Lenovo Twist has an introductory price of £515; not bad for an Ultrabook with that much power and capability.

Lenovo Yoga 13 – Official product page.

Lenovo Yoga

While the Lenovo Twist is a decent laptop powerful enough for casual users, the Lenovo Yoga 13 is a treat for those who are looking for some serious firepower and style. While the Twist uses a rotating hinge mid-piece to convert it to a tablet, Yoga 13 utilises two sturdy double-jointed hinges that allows itself to be folded back completely flat to the body’s underside. Aside from this, this Ultrabook also has a “tent mode” that allows you to use the keyboard as a stand, therefore perfect for media viewing and keyboard-less gaming like PartyCasino, because actual casinos don’t have this techie appeal. Despite the enticing mood casinos in Las Vegas emanates like the Bellagio or the MGM Grand have, going to brick-and-mortar casinos can be troublesome, not to mention expensive and wearisome.

The Yoga 13, compared to the Twist, has a price that starts at £620, which will make you think hard whether to get this rather than Yoga 13 for an additional £100.

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  1. Gary says:

    I love my Thinkpad X1, the Twist certainly looks interesting. I love Thinkpad’s for the keyboard more than anything!

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