MIC Forecast suggests Ultrabooks to make up 35% of Laptops by 2016

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Although current Ultrabook sales might not have you as an Ultrabook enthusiast smiling, new MIC (Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute) research suggests that by 2016 35% of laptops will be made up of them, a massive leap from the 13% they currently make up in 2012.

According to the report, current reasons for slow Ultrabook sales have been simple; they are still priced higher than the average notebook, and within this current economic climate, that has hindered sales performance.

Ultrabooks are all set to change dramatically within the next few years. Touch-screen books’ are already starting to make their way to market in order to capitalize on Windows 8, and we covered not long ago that new sensors will be making their way over to future Ultrabooks as standard to improve user experience and further generate interest from app developers.

Although advancement and the above new features are sure to help MIC’s forecast potential, another key factor lies in the supply chain for components to Ultrabooks, as when the price for components drops the price for an Ultrabook will also.

Via: http://taipeitimes.com.

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