Micron sets Loose New DDR3L-RS memory, aims new DRAM at Ultrabook Market

Micron sets Loose New DDR3L-RS memory

Micron have unveiled their new DDR3L-RS memory, with it being aimed at the Ultrabook and ultra-portable market respectably.

You may very well be the sort of person who buys a new laptop or Ultrabook knowing only that it just ‘works’ however for a lot of people specifications go far beyond what clock speed a processor may have or the rotations per minute a HDD can operate at. In the case of RAM (or random access memory), there have been a number of companies competing against each other for their products to make it in to the ultra-portable market as of late, and Micron is hoping that their latest gets Ultrabook OEM’s all fired up.

So what makes Micron’s new type of memory so news worthy? Well according to Micron themselves, the DDR3L-RS chips would prove particularly efficient in their sleep state, where the chips have been designed to maximise battery life meaning that stand by times could increase. The company also said that whilst the chips will be more efficient on the whole, the company has also been able to maintain a similar performance level to traditional DRAM hardware.

These new types of memory from Micron, measuring in at 30nm, will be offered up in 2GB and 4GB capacities primarily however towards the back end of the year the company is hoping to expand its line-up to 8GB too.

Battery life is now perhaps the most important feature any Ultrabook can aim for as a selling point, apart from thickness. Now more than ever, ultra-portable laptops are expected to offer up at least 5 hours worth of battery life whilst some in everyday usage tests have proved even better than that. With Intel Haswell processors on the way however which are even more power efficient than the current crop of Ivy Bridge processors on the market, things are likely to change in the near future, perhaps even more so if OEM’s take a look at what Micron has to offer with their new DDR3L-RS memory.

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