Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 RT Tablet Manufacturers

Windows RT Tablet Prototype

What you see above is a Windows RT tablet prototype alongside an almost finished product. Quite literally, Windows RT tablets have gone from  project to product in quick time.

Love Ultrabooks, yet feel a 7 inch tablet is more your thing? No bother, we know that both types of machine have their quirks, and as such it is our duty to keep you up to date with all of the latest developments in the world of mobile, Ultra-portables and ‘stuff’.

The latest news we have for you is regarding Windows 8 RT tablets (low cost, consumer orientated Windows powered tablets), because Microsoft has confirmed who will be making the first batch. Can you guess who yet?

Without keeping you waiting, it will be Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung who are on board with Microsoft to offer Windows RT based machines, with all of these manufacturers also offering Ultrabooks currently. On Windows 8, MS has said that:

“Microsoft has worked very hard with this release to provide the tools and support to contribute to new PCs that are more reliable, faster, use fewer system resources, and have improved software loads than comparable Windows 7 PCs. From the newest Ultrabook™ to the most powerful and extensible workstations, Windows 8 PCs are on the way.”

That they are, Microsoft. In fact with a release date as soon as October on the horizon, let’s just hope that there are some decent hardware launches at the same time to stir up some considerable interest from consumers, tech analysts and bloggers alike.

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Source: MSDN Blog

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