Next Gen Windows 8 Ultrabooks may get New Sensors, Compass to Boot

Ultrabook Sensors

Next generation Windows 8 based Ultrabooks may feature new sensors which will aim to increase the usability of Windows 8 features overall. The new sensors, of which include GPS for finding your location, a compass to tell you in which direction you are facing, an accelerometer in order to detect motion, an ambient light sensor in order to detect lighting conditions and a gyroscope which detects motion rotation, have been prominent features within tablet computers over the past 3 years and as such would be a good addition to Ultrabooks, who’s key selling points are portability much like a tablet.

All of this comes from Intel themselves, who in a blog post stated that next generation Ultrabooks will be game changers. The blog post itself is an interesting read, pointing out what is recommended for an Ultrabook and what is optional. Overall, a compass would be pretty cool however, though a accelerometer wouldn’t exactly be ideal for gaming, bearing in mind the design of Ultrabooks featuring a keyboard which would only get in the way.

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My first ever laptop was an old Compaq business machine passed down from my Dad to myself. Whilst great at the time, I believe that over the next 5 years the technology industry is going to be surprised at the rise of the Ultrabook. .
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