Putting the Ultra Into Your Business: Best Ultrabooks for your Business

Business Ultrabooks

As laptops and notebooks have become ever more powerful and portable over the years, each successive generation has brought new or improved advantages to workplaces, from ease of accessing documents and projects to even giving a business a more professional aesthetic.

With the new Ultrabook models of notebook coming down the line, there are new opportunities aiming to optimise their productivity and overall efficiency. From Samsung to Dell, there are new offerings coming out all the time with improved processing power, handy applications and programs and business-friendly operating systems. Find out which Ultrabook your business should invest in today!

Samsung ATIV book 9 Plus

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus should be your go-to Ultrabook if you’re looking to bring some serious computing firepower to your business operations. This beast of an Ultrabook boasts a 1.5 GHz Intel Core i5-4200 processor, which means it’s pretty much faster than Road-Runner and will make short work of any task you give it.

The screen display of the ATIV is also breathtakingly detailed, with a resolution of 3’200×1’800 pixels in an overall frame that’s as lean as an Apple Macbook Air. Throw in a great suite of editing, writing, processing and other features, and you have a workhorse-come-stallion that will impress the life out of any clients, employees, co-workers or anyone else you’d care to mention. At only $1400, it’s definitely the machine of choice if you feel your business is ready to bring out the big guns!

Acer Aspire S7-392-6411

A potential rival to the Samsung ATIV in the power department, the Acer Aspire S 7 is an amazing work of performance art that generates an impressive aesthetic to match its brute power. With over eight and a half hours of battery life, and an almost instant return to form from hibernation, the Aspire is ideal for any long day you might have planned at the office.

At a moment’s notice it can spring into action, quickly loading any document, slideshow, presentation or even video that you’re wanting to watch or to show others. What tops this all off is the 5GHz Wi-Fi support, which means you’ll get a solid internet connection from pretty much anywhere you find yourself. With a price tag similar to the Samsung ITV, this is another sensible investment if you’re planning to wow others with how your business operates and the impressive equipment you use.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Now this Ultrabook variant certainly is interesting. Different from the two options above, the Helix is essentially a hybrid of Notebook with Tablet- and surprisingly or otherwise, it actually works pretty well! The plume in the cap of the Helix is clearly its detachable screen, which means the user can turn what is normally the notebook screen into a run-away tablet for work on the go.

The processing power of the Helix is also impressive, and comes close to matching the benchmarks set by the two notebooks mentioned above. Of course, a Tablet just wouldn’t be a Tablet without a stylus to boot, and the Helix meets expectation on this count too.

The best thing about the Helix is the fact that it is so portable and adjustable, all while retaining some of the old-fashioned grunt that we know impresses business clients.

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