Samsung Announces Series 5 Ultra Touch Ultrabook, Coming October

samsung series 5 ultra touch

Samsung have announced a brand new update to their Series 5 Ultrabooks for 2012 in the name of the Series 5 ‘Ultra Touch’ range.

I am late to this one, I will admit it. There have been so many super cool releases over at the IFA in Berlin that whilst I knew full well Samsung had updated its Series 5 range I did not get around to writing about it. To make up for that then here you go; Samsung have announced a touch screen update to its already awesome Ultrabook, and I really like the look of it.

Here at Ultrabook News we are big fans of the Samsung Series 5 line and with the Korean giant updating their Ultrabooks not long ago to include Ivy Bridge processors and Bluetooth 4.0, we thought that machines like the Samsung Series 5 NP530U3C, of which our review can be found here, were going to be the best Series 5 offerings of 2012. We however appear to have been proved wrong, with the announcement of the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch range from good old Sammy themselves.

As the name suggests, this Ultrabook offering builds upon all of the great things about the Series 5 with one massive added feature; touch screen capabilities. The Ultrabook will be available in two forms; the base model will ship with an Intel Core i3 and the higher priced model an i5 processor. Both machines share other internals however, including 4GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive with 24 GB of ExpressCache. ExpressCache results in faster boot-up and start times for frequently used programs, allowing rapid every day usage for the average consumer.

Although the display is a touchscreen and will happily make full use of Windows 8 it only has a resolution of 1,366 x 768, a far cry from the gorgeous 1080p displays as showcased by other manufacturers at IFA Berlin.

Aside from the screen though the Series 5 Ultra Touch looks pretty sweet, sporting the same finesse as prior Series 5 Ultrabooks and although these books’ are not the nicest looking in the world, they are extremely well made and feel a lot more robust than some other ultra thin offerings. Keyboards on Series 5 Ultrabooks are also fantastic in my view.

Both models of the Ultra Touch will be available in the US October and should be available in the UK October too. In the US, they will cost $799 and $899 respectably, so expect them to cost a reasonable £599.99 and £699.99 in the UK. As always, we will update you guys with any official information in due course.

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  1. Charles Miller says:

    I know this is slightly off topic, however I really dig that black and white ‘Ultrabook’ sticker on the image on your article. It goes with silver laptops so well. The blue one sticks out like a sore thumb whilst that one is subtle and classy.

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