Samsung show off Series 9 prototype with 2,560 x 1,440 display at IFA

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

Around these parts, Samsung’s Series 9 Ultrabook gets its a fair share of praise. We’re big fans of it’s impressively slim design, great keyboard and excellent construction, hell, we’re not even upset with its 13″ screen, whose resolution currently sits at 1,600 x 900. Alas, Samsung has never heard of the old adage “Don’t mess with a good thing” and has thrown one incredible glimpse into the future of the laptop at us in the form of a prototype display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 – that’s a DPI of 220. Even more so, they’ve mercifully covered the entire screen in a matte coating, cutting out glare.

The laptop, currently sitting pretty over at Samsung’s IFA booth is running Windows 8 with the same specifications as you’d find on any off the shelf Series 9, albeit with that insanely pixel dense panel put in place of the suddenly ho-hum sounding 1,600 x 900 panel in the present model. Samsung has little to say about the prototype, tellingly, they only got their hands on it themselves a mere 7 days ago, putting this design squarely in the realms of engineering mock up.

Providing Samsung like what they see (and it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t), we could well be seeing this panel in the Ultrabooks of our near future. Which is good news for everyone, not just Samsung fans, because the company sell parts to nearly every OEM making laptops today. Now, if only we could convince Sammy’s engineers to throw a little more graphical horsepower into the Series 9, we might have an undisputed king of the Ultrabooks on our hands.

IFA is nowhere near finished (it officially started today, despite news flying for the last few days) and we’ll have plenty of coverage of the gathering during it’s time in our lives, so sit tight and prepare yourself for a deluge of Ultrabook news so exciting, you’ll be tempted into waiting yet another six months before pulling the trigger on that sexy new Ultrabook.

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3 Responses to Samsung show off Series 9 prototype with 2,560 x 1,440 display at IFA

  1. Harry says:

    Wow, just wow. Samsung could really capitalize on this and have a significant selling point over all manufacturers.

  2. george says:

    If Samsung can make the touchpad on this as good as a MacBook, I’ll switch in an instant.

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