Samsung Teases us with Ultrabook / Tablet Hybrid Video, says “Something Smart is Coming”

samsung mystery productLaptops are going through an evolutionary stage. Within the next year, consumers will begin to see more and more touch-screen enabled laptops and Ultrabooks on the market in order to make full use of Windows 8 and its tile based interface. Of course, a touch-screen Ultrabook or laptop will bring up numerous immediate concerns from consumers such as how exactly manufacturers will create a bezel strong enough to withstand the force of stubby fingers, however a couple of manufacturers reckon’ they have the solution; the tablet hybrid.

The Asus EEEpad is one such device which is part of the evolution. It is an Android powered tablet with a full keyboard dock accessory enabling users to create documents and edit them, amongst other things, like  a traditional laptop running Windows, OS X or a Linux distro. The thing about that device however is that it is hindered in two ways; first up it is in no way as powerful as a mid-range laptop, and second of all Android whilst great on mobile devices (I’m a BIG fan of Android) is not as productive as a real desktop based OS. Software support and programme compatibility are also a problem, naturally.

The big players in the PC industry see a market for the tablet / Ultrabook hybrid, and in recent weeks we have been treated to numerous leaks of possible products that will be unveiled at the IFA in Berlin. One product which is sure to be announced is a new tablet hybrid from Samsung, although nobody actually knows what it is, we think it will be just that especially considering it will run Windows.

So how do we know it will be a Windows machine? Well the big give away is in the video description, which reads “The time is near for the big reveal! Take a look at this video for a glimpse into our newest Windows-8-ready innovation.”

Without further ado then I have embedded the Samsung teaser YouTube video below for your viewing pleasure. It’s very unrevealing to tell you the truth, however our good friends brushed aluminium and possibly gorilla glass make an appearance. So, a clamshell design like an Ultrabook with a gorilla glass display, which is Windows 8 ready. Definitely a Windows 8 tablet hybrid. You heard that here first, folks’.

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