Samsung Ultrabooks to Ship with 250GB Free Cloud Storage with Yandex.Disk

Yandex.Disk Ultrabook Cloud Storage

In a first of its kind deal, Samsung has partnered with a cloud storage company to offer up 250GB of free cloud storage to new Ultrabook Series 5 buyers. 

If you have never heard of Yandex before as a UK consumer then we do not blame you, because it was only until this morning that we were brought up to date with a company which we had only heard of before in passing. A cloud storage company offering storage and syncing, Yandex.Disk has recently made large news across technology websites due to a very recent partnership with Samsung. Essentially, this partnership means that Samsung will preload Yandex.Disk on to its Series 5 range of Ultrabooks starting in Russia. To the unfamiliar, this is the same kind of partnership as seen with Dropbox and HTC on Android based smartphones.

Yandex.Disk is pulling out all the stops to make Russian consumers crave a Samsung series 5 ever more too, by offering a rather staggering 250GB of free cloud storage out of the box, a firm step above the 10GB cap it usually offers its customers. Of course, smartphones and computers are entirely different beasts altogether, so a 250GB cloud storage plan sounds about right for an Ultrabook.

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Now you may be wondering what we as a UK Ultrabook news blog are doing talking about Yandex.Disk which has just made a partnership in Russia, however our coverage actually makes complete sense; the company has been working on a release for a English-language supported version to its service for a number of weeks, leading many analysts to predict that this merger between Yandex.Disk and Samsung could move worldwide in the near future. Now live, the English-language version to Yandex.Disk could be the first signs of a company who want to go international with a bang, and offer free cloud storage on Ultrabooks within the UK, US and other countries.

This is the first deal of its kind in terms of cloud storage pre-loaded on a laptop, and something which begs the question as to why it has never been done before by manufacturers. According to information online, Yandex is waiting to see how Ultrabook users use the free service to see if it proves to be more of a cost or a benefit for them before negotiating more deals with good old Samsung.

Overall 250GB of free cloud storage on a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is a ridiculously tempting prospect for anybody looking to grab a new Ultra-portable, and if this deal goes worldwide as rumoured, it could spark a new battle between more well known cloud storage companies like, Dropbox and MediaFire.

Via: Yandex.Disk

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4 Responses to Samsung Ultrabooks to Ship with 250GB Free Cloud Storage with Yandex.Disk

  1. Jamie says:

    Now that’s SWEET. Shame about it not being available on Sammies Series 5 Ultrabooks in the UK now, but I’ll wait out for this I think.

  2. Tech Games says:

    Wow 250GB is a lot of storage, with that a large SSD would be pretty pointless! Go sammy.

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