Sensor Suppliers getting ready for Next Generation Ultrabook Demand

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If you regularly catch up on the latest Ultrabook news right here at this very blog, then you’ll be more than well briefed in next generation technology and the features future Ultrabooks will incorporate.

If you are a first time visitor however let me shed some light for you; Intel stated during July this year that they are indeed looking at new sensors to be incorporated within Ultrabooks to improve their functionality overall. Of the sensors a Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS chip and Ambient Light Sensor were all detailed by Intel in a blog post as being relevant to Ultrabooks, with the processor manufacturer going further as to detail out what is a ‘recommended’ sensor and what is an ‘optional’ sensor in terms of Ultrabooks for the future.

With the above in mind new reports have surfaced from technology source Digitimes, who have said in a blog post that IHS iSuppli reckon Intel’s initiative to promote new features like indoor navigation and augmented reality in Ultrabooks will spur dramatic growth in the sales of motion sensors for the next-generation notebooks, with revenues rising by a factor of 14 during the next four years for those suppliers.

Global sales of motion sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, used in ultrabooks will expand to US$117.3 million by 2016, up from just US$8.3 million in 2012. This equates to a CAGR of 93.9% for 2012 through 2016, said IHS.

It isn’t just motion sensor suppliers who are preparing themselves for an unprecedented demand from the rise in popularity of Ultrabooks either, as Sharp has struck a deal with Intel to provide new IGZO LCD displays for Ultrabooks in the future.

New sensors, new ways to use your Ultrabook

One of the main problems that the laptop computer faces amongst all of the massively interactive tablet computers and smartphones out there is functionality. Quite simply, users enjoy being able to pick up a tablet computer and hold it any way they want whilst being able to connect to their social networks and check themselves in through GPS. All of this functionality stems from sensors, and to date the laptop market has been extremely slow to catch on to what tablet users most take for granted with their devices. Whilst the tablet market is booming and sensor-equipped smartphones are as popular as ever, the laptop is still the same hunk of material which willingly yet quite boringly connects you to the online world without so much as offering any thrills in between.

With new sensors being recommended by Intel to be incorporated in to Ultrabooks of the future however the above may very well be turned around soon. All in all, we are most looking forward to what is in store for future Ultrabooks equipped with sensors.

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