Sharp in talks to Supply Ultrabook Displays for OEM Machines

Sharp Ultrabook Display

Recent news has just come to light that struggling technology company Sharp Corp is in talks with Intel to supply mid-sized displays for Ultrabooks.

Sharp has not had the best past couple of years. Despite the company releasing a number of excellent TV’s in the name of their AQUOS brand, they have been eaten alive by the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony who have moved to dominate the large display market in most countries worldwide.

With the above in mind and no easy way back in sight for Sharp Corp within the larger display market, the company has reportedly set its sights on the smaller end and is in talks with Intel to supply a new range of mid-size displays for newer Ultrabooks. According to engineers close on the matter, the one thing Sharp has going for it with these talks is that they have unique IGZO display technology, which is more power efficient than traditional LCD displays, something which Intel is surely in favour of due to Ultrabooks having to sport + 5 hours worth of battery life as standard.

On top of being more power efficient than your conventional LCD display Sharp’s are also thinner, with the ability to offer up 1080p HD resolutions without any weight changes.

Since this news broke, Sharp shares have jumped with news that the company may indeed be in talks with Intel to supply displays for Ultrabooks. If this news is indeed true, you can expect Sharp to have displays within a range of 13.3-inch and 14-inch Ultrabooks of the future, however it is unclear whether the company will want to stretch in to the 15-inch Ultrabook market at first.

According to one Japanese newspaper, where these reports initially surfaced leading to Sharp shares jumping, Sharp is said to be wanting more than 30 billion yen ($383 million) from Intel for the deal. No doubt however if and when this deal does go through, news will break that a deal has been made with an ‘undisclosed amount’ or under a ‘mutual agreement’. Either way, this is surely good news for Sharp, which has had good brand awareness across the UK for years’.


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My first ever laptop was an old Compaq business machine passed down from my Dad to myself. Whilst great at the time, I believe that over the next 5 years the technology industry is going to be surprised at the rise of the Ultrabook. .
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2 Responses to Sharp in talks to Supply Ultrabook Displays for OEM Machines

  1. Hmm…and finally the deal makes really good results out of it.

  2. Karren says:

    This news makes sense, also Apple will probably use Sharp’s technology in their next Mac line to make them even thinner.

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