The Duracell Powermat System, a Perfect Power Companion for the Commute

duracell powermat system

As a blogger I come across gadgets every single day which are pretty slick. When it comes to wireless charging, I was pretty excited with the news that Intel may be developing technology for its Ultrabooks in order to allow smartphone consumers to use their machine to charge their handset (more on this here).

When it comes to smartphone wireless charging, however, no manufacturers are utilizing current technologies on the market; in fact, the only company to do so was Palm with their Pre. Thankfully, however, other companies see the potential of wireless charging, and one of those is Duracell (the single best known brand for batteries in the UK).

Duracell actually have a range of consumer orientated power accessories on the market, such as the Duracell 5-hour portable charger, however one product which catches my eye every time I see it is the Duracell Powermat.

The Powermat is a 24-hour power system, which includes a range of tools to keep your smartphone running. At the heart of the system is the Powermat itself which is available in three sizes, ranging from support for 1 – 3 devices at a time.

The second part of the system is the smartphone case itself however sadly as far as we can tell the only cases supported currently are for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. No biggie, however, if you rock one of Apple’s latest devices.

The third part of the system is a portable battery, which can charge two devices at a time, and is perfect if you are commuting somewhere where power sockets are very hard to come by.

Of course, the Powermat is the hub of the 24-hour power system, charging both your iPhone and portable battery at the same time.

Now you may be wondering what the heck this system has in common with Ultrabooks, especially bearing in mind the power mat only supports the iPhone currently. Well the answer to that is simple; on my commute, I have noticed that maybe 80% of professionals rock on iPhone and around 70% of them rock a modern up to date laptop running Windows. It seems, iPhone users in the professional world are not tied to any desktop operating system. Or at least that’s the case from my own experience.

The portable battery fits in to my statement above. You can charge a smartphone or tablet due to it having two separate connections; a 16-pin connection for iDevices, and a micro USB connection for all modern Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone smartphones. Perhaps, the portable battery is the best part of the overall package, however the great thing about the whole package is that it is so versatile.

If you have an iPhone 4 / 4S the case included will allow you to charge your handset wirelessly upon placing it on the mat. If you are out and about, the portable battery (which can be charged through the main Powermat) will charge any iDevice or micro USB enabled gadget. In essence, this system could have the majority of your gadgets covered in terms of power.

All in all the Duracell Powermat system could be ideal for you, and especially convenient when you don’t want to charge devices from your Ultrabook when it is not connected to a mains socket; something which will drain your excellent battery life to the max.

To find out more, visit the source.

Via: Duracell (official Powermat page). Image source.

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