The Microsoft Arc Touch could be your Perfect Wireless mouse

Arc Touch Mouse

Laptops and Ultrabooks are great at being portable and in recent years they have also offered up fantastic multi-touch trackpads, however when it comes to using a desktop operating system the same thing gets said over and over again online; there is no replacement for a dedicated mouse. Now we have to agree with this not only from a productivity perspective, but from a gaming perspective too.

If you own a modern laptop then or an Ultra-thin and are looking for the perfect mouse, you will have come across many which are branded as being portable and extremely good to use. Now whilst this may be the case, non look or feel quite as nice to use as what we are discussing here today, the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.

The Microsoft Arc Touch is an incredibly stylish and modern looking mouse, with a touch strip which responds precisely to the speed of your finger movement, thus allowing navigation on Windows to become a seamless experience.

The mouse connects to laptops via Nano Transceiver (USB) and works wirelessly to connect you to your computer. The mouse itself will work on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and it also takes X2 AAA batteries, of which are kindly included by Microsoft (don’t you just hate it when companies skimp on batteries?).

One of the key selling points to this mouse is its design however, which does away with the traditional rounded look. This particular mouse can be pushed completely flat, or popped in to a curve, allowing for excellent transportation and comfortable usage (see our image above showing both stances).

It isn’t just reviewers which like this mouse either, because the Arc recieved the Red Dot 2011 Product Design Award and Best of the Best Award, a solid achievement which only adds to the desirability of said product.

Currently this mouse can be had online for as little as £25 if you shop around on Google Shopping (link to Google Shopping, non affiliate). Overall that’s the bargain of the century, bearing in mind usually they cost £40+.

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One Response to The Microsoft Arc Touch could be your Perfect Wireless mouse

  1. Andrei says:

    I have one of these and really like it. The texture and feel is good but it is also very responsive.

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