The Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U 13.3″ Ultrabook, a Perfect Ultra-thin for Business

Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U Ultrabook

If you are on the look out for a business Ultrabook we have found one practically perfect for you. Find out more about the Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U 13.3″ Ultrabook today.

If you run a small business or work within a corporate environment you’ll need a portable machine which is powerful enough to run everyday applications whilst being svelt enough to slip in to a bag. Being tough will be of the utmost importance too, and bonus points given by yourself for a laptop which achieves the above and also offers piece of mind against knocks and small drops.

If you are looking for an Ultrabook matching the above, you may have found it extremely hard to find one whilst shopping around. It is true to note that currently information on Ultrabooks is extremely mis-guiding across the internet (why we came to be) however with some shopping around, and hands on time, we have come across the perfect business Ultrabook for you.

The Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U 13.3″ Ultrabook

Toshiba has been at the forefront of laptops for a number of years, offering up some truly excellent machines in the name of their Satellite and Portege series. They have a name for creating extremely durable machines at solid prices, and in the name of the Z830, they have achieved something rather special.


The Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U is the base model Ultrabook from Toshiba, however when I say base spec, it could hardly be called that at all.


Toshiba Z830-10U Ultrabook

Let’s talk design first. A lot of Ultrabooks currently feature aluminium and a select few feature carbon fibre to be strong and durable, the Z830 however is made from a magnesium alloy, which has enabled this Ultrabook to weigh an astonishing 1.1kg. Let me say that again, 1.1kg, and what’s more this laptop is in no way flimsy; it is as strong if not stronger than the Asus Zenbook series, and a lot stronger than my Acer TimelineX 4820T laptop.

For comparative terms, the new iPad 2012 model weighs in at 652 g. Amazingly, the Satellite does not even weigh twice that.


The screen on the Z830-10U is good too, with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 and matt texture, allowing this laptop to be used outdoors comfortably or in a brightly lit office or boardroom. Although the screen resolution on this laptop is not the highest, for the business user the benefit of a matt texture is obvious.

Power, internals

Powering the Z830-10U is an Intel Core i5-2467M 1.4GHz processor with turbo boost up to 2.3GHz. This processor is a tried and tested chip, offering solid performance and Intel HD graphics 3000.

Running alongside the processor above is 6GB of RAM, which is more than enough to keep things running smooth, and a 128GB SSD which allows this Ultrabook to boot up in literally seconds.


The keyboard is backlit too, and also fantastic. Typing on the Z830 is a dream come true for a thin Ultrabook, offering a very decent amount of push and shove and decent spacing between each key. Typing in the dark, or at pace, left me with no problems and I was able to smash this post out at a decent pace.

Z830-10U keyboard

So this laptop has it all; it is amazingly light, well built, has a great backlit keyboard, is powerful and also features a great selection of connectivity ports. Are there any downsides?

Well to the untrained shopper the price, actually. This laptop has an official RRP of £999, however let this be known; you can get one for as little as £699.99 as UK store Curry’s has this in stock currently. You can also find some sweet deals on Google shopping.

Ultrabook Specifications

Processor – Intel® Core™ i5-2467M (1.4GHz, turbo boost up to 2.3GHz, 1333MHz, 3MB cache memory)
Operating System – Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Graphics card – Intel HD graphics 3000
Screen resolution – 1366 x 768
Screen size – 13.3″
Screen features – Toshiba HD non-reflective high Brightness display, widescreen
Hard drive – 128GB SSD
Memory card reader – 4-in-1 (SD, MMC)
USB – 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0
Modem/Ethernet – Gigabit Ethernet RJ45


For under £700 if you shop around, the Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U is one of the best Ultrabooks in the world right now. For business users this is a no brainer; the laptop is thin, light, powerful and has plenty of storage and an ethernet port for a direct connection. If you are a businessperson and I see you rockin’ this Ultrabook on the train, I will congratulate you on your excellent choice (in my mind). Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U 13.3″ Ultrabook, a Perfect Ultra-thin for Business

  1. Sammy says:

    A colleague of mine has one of these whilst I have a Folio 13, and this machine is much thinner. The Folios keyboard is much more usable however.

    • Jakk says:

      Its a funny one; really thin Ultrabooks suffer from shallow keys whilst slightly fatter ones have really good keyboards. Its a trade of currently buyers should be aware of. Personally, I’d have a Folio 13 over a super thin Ultrabook just for the keyboard :) .

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