This is Microsoft’s New Logo, the Start of a More Colourful MS?

new ms logo

Microsoft has taken off the wrapping paper and revealed its brand new logo, the first change to its corporate brand since 1987, in order to create a more modern MS in line with the latest tech such as Ultrabooks and Windows Phone.

What you see above is Microsoft’s brand spanking new logo, complete with a dash of colour marking the first time since 1987 Microsoft has made any real significant changes to its brand. It’s a lot different to the one it replaces, too, offering up a modern and clean look which signifies a future of innovation and perhaps colourful enterprise.

It hasn’t been well received everywhere online, though, as PC Advisor has noted in a blog post covering numerous reactions from around the globe. In particular, one website reckons’ this new logo should have Apple cracking open champagne and celebrating a further 5 years of PC smashing domination. On the contrary, however, a branding expert thinks that this logo marks a prosperous future for MS and the right step forward for a company who are aiming to change their awareness to that of a more playful brand.

old microsoft logo

Either way, the new logo signifies a new chapter for Microsoft, and everybody everywhere will get used to it eventually. Unlike the old logo which was black (imaged above), the new logo features four squares which are red, green blue and yellow along with Microsoft written out in a clean grey. The font used in the new MS logo is called Segoe, a thinner type than that used in the old logo and the same as the one used in the Windows 8 logo.

If you asked me for my opinion on the new logo, I’d be inclined to state that it appears to be a little bit too cold, robotic and calculated. Going further, I would add that it doesn’t feature much in way of imagination, nor does it display the character or playfulness of Google. With that said the logo is fairly smart, taking in to account the public brand awareness of the Windows logo and the new corporate logo incorporating it, however.

We’ll leave you to decide how this new Microsoft logo looks because after all, you’ll have plenty of time to get used to it in the future.

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2 Responses to This is Microsoft’s New Logo, the Start of a More Colourful MS?

  1. James @ News says:

    It’s not a great logo, sorry. Its too childish with those blocks and it is far too ugly compared to say Apples.

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