Touch-enabled Business Ultrabooks not Coming Until 2013, says Acer

Acer S7

In a recent interview with technology website ZDNET, Acer President Jim Wong has noted that the company will not be looking to introduce professional orientated touchscreen Ultrabooks until the back end of 2013.

At this years IFA event in Berlin we saw a wealth of computer manufacturers update their existing Ultrabook product lines to include a touch screen, as well as reveal new hybrid Ultrabooks aimed at merging the full functionality of a Windows based ultra-portable with the playfulness of a tablet computer. Despite all of the storms and conversations created from the above however one thing was notably missing, and that thing was actual professional orientated touchscreen business Ultrabooks from Acer.

Despite releasing touch-screen updates to their TimelineUltra M3 and Aspire V5 (link to news) Ultrabooks, Acer didn’t go as far to to unveil anything distinctly aimed at business users, nor did they update any pre-existing products to include added layers of security, such as finger print readers (yes, people do actually use those) or remote management.

Now though things have started to become more clear as to Acer’s decision, with method being added to their madness. In an interview with ZDNET and as covered by David Meyer, Acer are not planning on releasing professional focused touchscreen Ultrabooks until at least the back-end of 2013 due to the company wanting to assess and carry out further research in to the commercial market for these machines:

“The consumer market is moving faster than the commercial market,” Wong told ZDNet. “In commercial [ultrabooks] there will be no touch until the second half of next year. Commercial markets are always considering application [compatibility].”

Naturally, one of the key problems to releasing an Ultrabook branded as for use by businesses or professionals is that whilst the current crop of options on the market are well made, they offer very little in terms of shock or drop protection, nor are they as rugged or built for an active lifestyle as laptops carrying a business badge.

In the future then Acer may be ready to release professional branded Ultrabooks to the world however for the time being, professionals will be stuck with machines such as the 1.3.3″ Acer S7, a product revealed at this years’ IFA.

Source: ZDNET

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