Ultrabook Market to grow 30% in 2013, says Research Firm

Windows 8 Ultrabook

Market forecasts are a dime a dozen however in the case of Ultrabooks, market forecasts and research reports will play a huge role in spurring motivation for Ultrabook manufacturers with the lead up to 2013.

It comes as good news to all Ultrabook enthusiasts then that DRAMeXchange, a research arm of the Taipei-based advisory firm TrendForce, has highlighted in a recent report that the Ultrabook market could exceed 30 million units in 2013, representing growth of more than 30 percent from what we have seen during 2012. Driving this growth will be innovations from OEM’s in the form of touch-screen enabled laptops, Windows 8 gathering steam and consumer awareness growing through marketing campaigns on behalf of both Intel and OEM’s.

This year was not so great, next year will be better

Up until now Ultrabook manufacturers had a hard time pushing out machines which were priced competitively.

When Ultrabooks first came to market in late 2011 they were extremely expensive bits of kit for the internals they packed, and it is only now in late-2012 that Ultrabooks are beginning to come to market which are priced competitively. With that said, during 2013 the drop in price of key components such as SSD’s (solid state drives), thin displays and metal casings will be key to Ultrabook manufacturers releasing machines which genuinely appeal to a lot of consumers and fly off the shelves.

It is still expected that Ultrabooks with a price tag less than £500 will be sourly specc’d, however. It is this price range and segment of the laptop market which Ultrabook manufacturers are failing to target at the moment, however as noted through Google’s recent release of a £229 Chromebook, it only takes one manufacturer to release a machine perfectly suited for basic browsing and to utilize Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest (and greatest, in my opinion) operating system.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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