Ultrabook News Catch Up: Top Stories 14th – 21st September

Ultrabook News Catch Up

Catch up on all of the very latest Ultrabook news right here in one post. Articles from the 14th – 21st September.

Ultrabook news may very well be slow compared to what gets covered within the smartphone and tablet market however that never stops us scouring the internet to find fresh stories to intrigue all Ultrabook lovers eyes. Over the past week, a couple of news stories have broke which were actually pretty important in terms of what may happen to Ultrabooks, or rather their internal components, in the near future.

Here, we will take a look at three top stories (+1 round up / feature) from the past week in case you need a catch up on anything new within the ultra-portable market.

Without further ado then read on, you may very well find out something new.

Sharp in talks with Intel to make Ultrabook display panels

Sharp Ultrabook Display

Sharp Corp is a struggling company and everybody who is clued in to the technology industry knows that. The company may have been thrown a significant lifeline however, as reports suggest that the company is in talks with Intel to supply display technology for future Ultrabooks, due to the company having unique energy efficient panels perfect for use within Ultrabooks.

The good news?

- Sharp may be back in business

- More power efficient displays for the future

Read more about that story here.

Micron creates new more power efficient DRAM for Ultrabooks

Micron DDR3L-RS memory

Micron have unveiled their new DDR3L-RS memory hoping that Ultrabook manufacturers take note of their latest products selling point; power efficiency. According to Micron, this new product would prove particularly efficient when an Ultrabook is in sleep state, where the chips have been designed to maximise battery life meaning that stand by times could increase.

The good news?

- More power efficient RAM memory for future Ultrabooks

- New innovation in 30nm design to spur competition

Read more about that story here.

HP reveal new cheap Sleekbook line, Ultrabook alternatives

hp sleekbook 14

The laptop market consistently becomes ever more crowded, however updates to all product ranges are a natural part of technological advancement. With that in mind HP have unveiled their new Autumn Sleekbook range in the name of the HP Pavilion 14 and HP Pavilion 15, two Sleekbooks which are aimed at the consumer market specifically. The ’14′ features AMD innards, whilst the ’15′ Ivy Bridge.

The good news?

- The Sleekbook 14 and 15 are very affordable

- HP has further expanded its range outside of business users

Read more about that story here.

Say hello to the lightest Ultrabooks money can buy

NEC LaVie Z Ultrabook Light

How light is too light? Well in the world of Ultrabooks, manufacturers are taking things to the extreme. In this article, our very own Alec James takes a look at the three lightest Ultrabooks in the world right now that your money can buy, the lightest of which weighs in at a rather staggering 875g. Yes, that is less than twice the weight of an Apple iPad.

Read more about that story here.

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