Ultrabook Sales to Overtake like for like Notebook Sales in 2013

 Ultrabook Sales 2013 ForecastWith it being estimated that up to 40% of the manufacturing cost of an Ultrabook is the processor, with a further 20% of the manufacturing cost of an Ultrabook being the SSD, Ultrabook prices when first introduced in 2011 were sky high however new research suggests that prices for ultra-thin machines have in fact fallen 21 percent since January 2012, a welcome call for new Ultrabook sales forecasts.

Ultrabooks may very well be generally fantastic machines all aiming to revolutionise and give a bump to declining sales within the PC market however the one drawback to them is very simple; they are darn’ expensive, with even low-end models carrying fairly basic specifications for the money asked of them by retailers.

13.3-inch Ultrabooks to overtake 13.3-inch notebook sales

New forecasts have now emerged this month though from channel box-counter Context, who have revealed that overall Ultrabook prices have fallen 21 percent since January 2012, further revealing that by the middle of next year they predict that 13.3-inch Ultrabooks should overtake non Ultrabook branded notebook sales of the same size in terms of like for like sales. This is good news and research for processor manufacturer Intel, who is currently heaping bucket loads of cash at the promotion of their latest product.

It is the 21 percent drop in prices this year alone to which Context is pitting their research and forecasts against. Going by the old mantra that if the price is right people will buy it, Senthuran Premakumar an enterprise analyst at Context told Channel Register very recently that

“By the middle of next year 13.3 inch Ultrabooks will overtake [same sized] notebooks”

Their claim of 13.3-inch Ultrabooks overtaking 13.3-inch notebook sales is not dumb founded, either. Using their statistics, the company have estimated that sales have increased six-fold for 13.3-inch Ultrabooks in August when compared to January this year, which is a significant increase leading us to interpret that the demand for Ultrabooks during 2013 will be significantly higher that it is now.

New features, better technology, more sales

At this years’ IFA event held in Berlin the technology industry was treated to a wealth of brand new Ultrabooks of which include exciting new features which are sure to grab the attention of consumers. Running Windows 8, these machines featured touch-screen displays and next generation form factors in select models, whereby they would transform in to a tablet at will. See our post on hybrid Ultrabooks to check those puppies out.

On top of the exciting new Ultrabooks we know about from manufacturer announcements, there are quite a few new technology developments consumers should be aware of for the future. Notably, Intel is currently working alongside of Nuance to develop voice recognition, search and control for Ultrabooks and Intel is also currently working on a next generation form factor for SSD storage, enabling Ultrabook manufacturers to at last ship new book ranges with a higher capacity SSD than current limits allow, where 512GB is the max you’ll get from pure SSD storage.

With current non Ultrabook branded notebooks getting little in way of major publicity compared to Ultrabooks with exciting developments being made technologically for their benefit, it is easy to see why Ultrabook sales will indeed increase next year as compared to this year. With a whole lot of 13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch Ultrabooks to be released during now and this time next year, the research that Context have provided cannot be disputed easily. Hopefully it will indeed ring true.

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3 Responses to Ultrabook Sales to Overtake like for like Notebook Sales in 2013

  1. Karren says:

    I currently work within a high street retail chain which sells computers, and up until March, there were very few sales in-store for Ultrabooks. From April things have changed massively in the store I work in (central London) and Ultrabooks are flying off the shelves, even more so than the Macbook Air. The Lenovo U310 is an excellent seller, which customers really like due to the baby blue lid and terrific build quality. With Windows 8 on the way I think even more Ultrabooks will sell in our store and with the features listed above coming to Ultrabooks in the near future, I believe that the research put forth above will come true.

  2. Chris says:

    This would would not surprise me to be honest!

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