Ultrabooks with Optical Drives, what are your Options?

ultrabook with optical drive

In this article, we have done some virtual shopping for Ultrabooks with an optical drive.

On the hunt for an ultra-portable laptop it can be extremely difficult trying to find one which ticks all of the right boxes. In terms of Ultrabooks with optical drives, your choices are limited to the following point; optical drives measure certain dimensions, and so sacrifice an Ultrabooks dimensions ultimately. A lot of Ultrabook manufacturers would rather sacrifice an optical drive for a size 0 waist.

The good news however is that there are Ultrabooks with optical drives on the market. If you are on the hunt for a Ultrabook with an optical drive or DVD drive, then this post should help you discover some of the ultra-portables available, which hopefully you’ve never even heard of. We’ve also provided non affiliate non beneficiary links to each individual laptops official manufacturer page, so you can read more about them as you go along.

Ultrabooks with an optical drive

If you find this posts topic interesting, I have also written up a guide on Ultrabooks with dedicated graphics for you to read through. Those particular Ultrabooks are the perfect combination of portability and power.

Acer TimelineUltra M3

This Ultrabook is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable ultra-portable. Although not the thinnest of Ultrabooks available, this Ultrabook features dedicated NVIDIA graphics and an optical drive, making it a solid choice for those who plan on doing some gaming from disc.

For £649.99 you get a TimelineUltra M3-581TG-52464G52Mnkk with a Intel Core i5.

Here is the official product page.

Acer TimelineUltra M5

This Ultrabook is the M3′s bigger brother, and like its smaller brother, features dedicated NVIDIA graphics and an optical drive making it decent enough for gaming and software alike. Both the TimelineUltra M3 and TimelineUltra M5 measure a rather svelte 20 mm thin, and come in at a respectable weight.

For £847 inc VAT in the UK you get 1.7GHz Core i5 and 4GB of RAM.

Here is the official product page.

ASUS S Series Ultrabooks

Asus is best known for their Zenbook line within the world of Ultrabooks, however they officially launched their S Series towards the beginning of August 2012. The new Asus S Series Ultrabooks feature optical disc drives and NVIDIA GeForce GT635M discrete graphics, making them powerful enough for gaming and other tasks.

Pricing on these laptops is not yet finalized, however expect them to be between £900 and £1200.

Here is our coverage on the Asus S Series (not yet available to buy).

Samsung Series 5 14.0” Ultra

If Acer isn’t your cup of tea, then the Samsung Series 5 14″ Ultra might very well be the perfect Ultra-portable for you. Featuring a dedicated optical drive alongside an Intel Core i5-2467M Processor running at 1.6Ghz, this laptop has good specifications and is also very well built offering up a great keyboard.

Deals on the Samsung Series 5 Ultra are excellent currently, and one can be picked up for under £600 on Google shopping.

Here is the official product page.


Overall the majority of Ultrabooks on the market do not feature optical drives, and would rather be ultra-thin than kind-of-thin. For some people however an optical drive is essential, and as such the four options above should suit your needs. Three out of the 4 above also feature dedicated graphics, so are suitable for gaming far ahead on what integrated graphics Ultrabooks can do.

If you know of any other Ultrabooks which rock an optical drive which you think should be on this list, be sure to let us know!

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5 Responses to Ultrabooks with Optical Drives, what are your Options?

  1. Graham says:

    Although my Ultra book has an optical drive, I wonder if it is a dieing tech, I never use mine.

    • Jakk says:

      There are so many software programmes that come in disc format, that it is hardly dying. However, external HDD’s and flash drives are very common nowadays, and more modern than discs.

  2. Sarah says:

    Personally, I’m holding off a new laptop (or Ultrabook) until a decent ultra-portable comes out with a Blu-ray drive.

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