UltraCloud: 6 ways the cloud can help your business (using only your Ultrabook)

Cloud Computing

Your Ultrabook can serve many a purpose in your life: essay factory, multimedia hub, business centre.  Cloud computing has changed, and will continue to change, the shape of global business models forever.  As businesses scramble to develop effective cloud computing strategies, it’s important to think about how these strategies could help you – conveniently, almost all of the benefits can be reaped from behind the screen of your Ultrabook.

Work on the go

Ultrabooks were designed specifically to be a sleek, lightweight companion to the PC, and their ease of use makes cloud computing on the go even more convenient.  No longer do you need to be at your desk or in a boardroom to organise crucial business information or share your ideas for the future of your company.  Now you can keep up to date with your work while out and about on more pressing matters, like finding your morning coffee.

Streamline your business

Scalability is an increasingly prominent buzzword when it comes to discussions about cloud computing in business, but with good reason.  Using nothing more than an ultrabook with a connection to the cloud, you can monitor the up- or down-scaling of your operation and storage needs depending on your business situation.  Purchasing and installing important upgrades will be no concern of yours.  And forget about investing in an actual physical data centre to provide for your expanding needs – infrastructure will increasingly be accessed as a service via managed service providers, allowing even the smallest of businesses to go global with their brand.  All a well-informed mouse click away.

Create an online community

Who said being on your computer all day is antisocial?  The rapidly expanding capabilities of cloud computing is making it more and more convenient and effective to organise online forums and business communities, uniting your employees and co-workers under one flexible yet like-minded banner.  You can globalise your workforce while reducing spending on technology infrastructure, all the while consolidating your brand and strengthening your business.  There will come a time when mobile voice recognition and translation software will remove language barriers from business transactions.  Until then, allow your cloud-connected Ultrabook to build you a cohesive, dynamic online community of the best minds you’ve got around the world.  No matter where they are, it will be like they’re right there in the room with you.

Be secure

Security, security, security.  No technological development is worth its salt if it doesn’t keep you and your information secure.  Particularly when running a business, confidential data is not something to be entrusted to flimsy hands.  While cloud computing continues to grow and reinvent itself, there is no doubting that one of its central caveats is its commitment to security.  Indeed, while using your Ultrabook to manage your business, you are using the computer merely as a channel through which to access stored information.  If that Ultrabook is lost or stolen, it will be nothing but a shell: the goods are stored securely online.  Of course, cyber-crime is burgeoning in the wake of this trend to online storage, yet improvements in encryption and firewall technology is providing an effective counterweight to these issues.

Maximise your potential

When it comes to cloud computing in the world today, everybody wants a piece.  Global businesses have the development of a sound and progressive cloud strategy at the top of their agendas.  Bodies like the EU are researching how to maximise cloud computing potential, displaying how a government cloud is no longer a thing of fancy (or merely a metaphor for the shady dealing of faceless men in politics).  Here we can isolate our key word: potential.  Increasing collaboration and adaptability for all positions in your business is a fantastic start, but realistically the harnessing of cloud computing requires a strategic realigning of your entire business model.  It is here that we see the separation between portal and cloud: your ultrabook will help you shift your pieces around once you’ve confirmed your strategy.  The strategy itself?  Well, get thinking.

Get app-happy

Perhaps the greatest benefit of accessing the cloud via your ultrabook is the seemingly unlimited access to seemingly unlimited apps.  If running a small business, it may be the case that you do not need a designated cloud computing service at all, but rather an effective, simple way to access the cloud and share files among your employees.  Google Drive, Dropbox, PrimaDesk and many other apps exist for the sole purpose of providing you secure online storage while you sync files and folders across multiple platforms.  Many even offer small quotas of free storage upon starting up.  Do some research before you commit, but the quality of storage apps on the cloud is invariably high.

About the author: Rob Johnson is a media graduate and freelance writer who does not own or run a business, but he can vouch for the accessibility and security of the cloud from an ultrabook.

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