Vizio Thin + Light Reviews In: A Great Looking Ultrabook, not Without Problems

Vizio Ultrabook Review

If you are the sort of person who loves to have products in their gadget bag designed to stand out from the crowd, then the Vizio Thin + Light Ultrabook should be right up your street.

Machined from a single block of aluminium, with aesthetics best described as ‘minimalist’, ‘elegant’ and  ’space-age’, the Vizio Thin + Light is a designers wet dream with the only thing to break up the crisp image it shows off being the Vizio logo, which is backlit from the display itself.

We have paid close attention to this laptop for a few reasons; first of all, Vizio is a company whom intrigue us due to surprising the technology world by creating their first ever Ultrabook (the C14-A2, for reference), and second of all because Vizio make hardly any of their own stuff found within their products. For example, LG makes the screens for Vizio products, and AmTran Technology make practically everything else in-between. Vizio is pretty much just a logo, in the grand scheme of things.

The above doesn’t bother us however, because reviews are now in on this laptop computer having been fettled with by numerous technology websites over the last month. So what was said?

PC World liked the design of the product, whilst they also enjoyed the trackpad and keyboard marking them as ‘good’. This reviewer gave the Vizio Ultrabook 4.5 / 5 stars, which is an impeccably good review if a little pro-Vizio.

CNET loved the design of the product, noting it stands out from the crowd. They were however disappointed at no backlit keyboard, no SD card slot, and found the battery life grim. Overall, they rated it 3.5 / 5 stars.

The Verge liked the design of the product, rated the Core i7 performance as snappy, and liked the display on offer. They however did not rate the keyboard, in fact they strongly disliked it, and found battery life not so good. They rated is 6 / 10.

So, if we compile all of the above three Vizio reviews which are completely independant from one another, the general consensus is that the Vizio Thin + Light Ultrabook is a great looking laptop however has a few issues.

Namely, the trackpad and keyboard came out as major issues across numerous reviews. Websites like the Verge noted it as unresponsive and slow at times, as well as uncomfortable to use, and CNET agreed with that by also stating that it can be tiring at times in usage. In terms of the trackpad, reviewers noted it as not very responsive and a little jerky, building on that by comparing it to other up-market Ultrabook trackpads.

So, if you are in the Market for a Vizio Thin + Light Ultrabook, remember that whilst the design of the thing is a wonder to behold, it is not without its problems. Naturally, this is a first generation product however, and so the next one may very well stamp out a alot of issues reviews have had. If that is the case, we’d recommend waiting out for the Vizio 2 or getting something from Lenovo. The Carbon X1, for example.

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