Why an Ultrabook Case is Essential for Protection and Fashion

Ultrabook cases

You know as well as I do that your Ultrabook or laptop is not indestructible. As much as we wish they were, the slightest drop from a foot in the air can indeed render a laptop completely useless by damaging the screen or indeed wrecking the hard drive inside. On top of this, a heavy machine like a laptop falling from any height is going to damage it aesthetically and whilst scars show and remind us as humans of past things in life, on a piece of technology they only serve as an annoyance.

Protecting your Ultrabook is essential, then, and there is little better way to do it than with a good laptop case, sleeve or bag. Depending on what you get, a case will protect your machine during transport, whilst stored or even from a fall in to the ocean.

So what is the benefit of investing in a good Ultrabook or laptop case?

I think I speak for everybody when I say that the benefits to a case for any piece of consumer technology are obvious; they protect, they keep your device shiny and they are a status symbol in terms of certain brands. For those of you not so sure about investing in a case for your machine, though, let’s break down the benefits:


All cases, no matter how thin or flimsy they may be, aim to protect your device. In the case of Ultrabooks, sleeves and bags aim to protect your Ultrabook from damage during transport, any falls they may and when they are in storage. Usually padded and shock absorbing, cases bags and sleeves are durable accessories.

They can save you money

Why risk damaging your laptop when walking the streets? There is simply no need, and should your Ultrabook fall and crack or smash against a pavement, it is goodbye old faithful machine and hello bank card for a new one. The cost of a good laptop bag is around £50 or sometimes less if you shop around, and this is a small price to pay compared to a new machine.


As well as protecting your machine, bags and cases are a bit of a fashion statement if not by the brand name but the design of them. Business users favour dark colours whilst students may prefer brighter colours. Whatever the case (no pun intended), laptops bags, sleeves and cases need not look like crap and if you look around there are some great cases to be had.


Personally, I really like Level8 cases (link to retailer, non promotional and non affiliate). These are designed for Apple Macbooks according to their marketing literature, however they are extremely well made cases with solid build quality. They feature EVA three dimensional foam on the inside for padding.

Overall then if you are walking the streets or lugging your laptop around in the back of a car unprotected, you are dicing with your laptops death. My advice is simply do not risk it; Ultrabooks and laptops are expensive, and for a fraction of their cost, you can protect them from the inevitable.

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