Will Microsoft’s Surface Hurt the Ultrabook?

Aspire S5 Ultrabook

According to an industry analyst, Microsofts Surface tablet could confuse consumers, and draw sales away from Ultrabooks.

We covered not very long ago the key differences between Ultrabooks and Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Not to spoil that post too much, the general consensus we gave was that the Surface is not a laptop or computer replacement. Both of these devices are designed for completely different types of consumer, thus each of them should sell individually on their own merits. According to an industry analyst, however, this may not be the case.

The analyst in question is Trendforce, who reckon that the pricing for Surface tablets is far lower than Ultrabooks and with both devices sporting similar features for the average consumer, the tablet could in theory cannibalize the Ultrabook market, where high prices are the norm for top end machines currently.

No matter what has been said by analyst firms, however, one thing is very simple; in the broad scheme of things Surface tablets are going to dual against Apple’s iPad and Android based tablets, not Ultrabooks, which is going to be very difficult bearing in mind that the Google Nexus 7 and New iPad are excellent devices for what they are.

The above can be further backed up when one talks about consumer behaviour. When a consumer needs a new laptop or PC, an Ultrabook will be on their possible shopping list without a doubt, whilst a tablet will not be. The very simple reason behind that is that a tablet is still seen by many still as an ‘internet connection device’ with applications being at the forefront of what they offer. Despite what MS thinks, we feel a lot of consumers will not know that the Surface can run full system programmes like Ultrabooks can, however that will solely come down to Microsoft’s marketing team and bringing this awareness to UK consumers.

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Via: The Register

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One Response to Will Microsoft’s Surface Hurt the Ultrabook?

  1. Andrei says:

    No; the Surface was merely to kick manufacturers up the backside in to further developing touch screen ultra-portables. It won’t sell very well, but rather OEM ones will.

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