Windows 8 May Ditch Traditional Windows Desktop Boot Screen

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Like sticking to what you feel comfortable with, whilst at the same time having the option to use new features within software / operating systems as you see fit? Well according to recent reports worldwide originally started by ZDnet, Windows 8 will ditch traditional boot ups where you will be greeted with your desktop, icons and taskbar, instead opting to hard wire ‘Windows Style UI’ (note, formerly Metro UI) in to boot ups.

This recent news, as you may have guessed, has not been best received across the technology industry.

The major problem with this latest development in the world of Windows 8 means that for the first time ever in the history of a Windows release, users are going to be forced to interact with a user interface designed for touch screens, and with practically all laptops on the market not sporting one (and far less laptops on peoples laps having one), Windows Style UI isn’t going to be all that great to use for the vast majority of PC users. That, coupled with now being hard wired as the definite boot up screen since Microsoft has ditched short cut keys, may put pressure on consumers to upgrade their laptop or computer; something Microsoft may actually want.

Of course, Windows Style UI aims to make life easier however. It is laid out in a grid format, with one click access to applications, your chosen web browser and the desktop home screen amongst other things. It is designed for touch input specifically, and is actually pretty slick to use on a touch screen, and okay to use with mouse input. It isn’t completely rubbish with mouse / cursor input, however navigating a traditional Windows desktop is far easier.

This latest news also affects power users, or people who work from their computer more specifically. Keeping efficient is essential within any job which requires computing or online work, and as such not having instant access to programmes and software isn’t going to be great for productivity, and we reckon’ it could get extremely frustrating after extended use.

Via: PC Advisor

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